Transcript: Stephon Gilmore

Posted Apr 26, 2012

On being drafted by the Buffalo Bills:

Stephon Gilmore: It is a great feeling to be a Buffalo Bill. They have great fans and they picked me at the 10 spot so I am happy to play for them.

On if he had any idea the Bills intended to take him:

SG: Kind of. I went on a visit to the Bills and got to visit the city a little bit. It is a great feeling. They believe in my talent. I am looking forward to playing for them. Like I said they have great fans and I am looking forward to helping that defense out.

On if he feels prepared to play in the NFL after playing in the SEC:

SG: I think I am going to be ready. Just keep working hard and doing everything that got me to this point right now. I’m just going in to compete and to compete like I have always been doing.

On what he feels comfortable doing in terms of football skills:

SG: I think I can play press man and off man pretty well. I can do whatever the coaches want me to do. Whatever they want me to do I am going to go hard at it. I’ll make plays to help my team win and make my fans happy.

On what he thinks about the Bills new look defense:

SG: It is a great feeling. They have a great defense and they are just looking for a piece to help them be an even better defense. I hope I am that piece and I am going to come in and work hard, like I said, and make plays to help my team win.

On some of the receivers he played against in college with South Carolina:

SG: I faced A.J. Green my freshman year. I went against Julio Jones. I went against Riley Cooper. I went against (Denarius Moore) from the Oakland Raiders. I went against a lot of players who are doing well in the NFL and I did well against.

On what sense of comfort he has coming up to this level:

SG: It’s very comfortable for me knowing I’ve played against him and knowing I’ve competed against him, it’s great. It’s been a childhood dream to go and play in the NFL so I’m looking forward to it.

On the team’s coaches and scouts liking his physical play:

SG: I just love playing the game. I love playing physical. I love playing football. I grew up playing football. I grew up in a football town. All I know its football so I’m looking forward to it.

On if need be not to make a physical play:

SG: Oh yeah, can’t be afraid to do that to try to be the complete the cornerback I can be. Just try to be a great cover man and try to be a great tackler.

On not having a smile when he was picked and if that’s just the kind of man he is:

SG: I knew I was going to get picked early so I was happy on the inside. I was just so happy from my head down and thanked the man above. It’s a blessing. It’s a blessing to get picked and I’m happy.

On if he knows anything about Buffalo and if he’s excited to come here:

SG: I’m happy about it. I’ve been to Buffalo on a visit so I’ve been there. I’m looking forward to it.

On what stood out from his visit to Buffalo:

SG: A lot of stuff stood out. It’s a town like where I’m from, more of a laid back town. They’ve got great fans. Fans stick to their football team no matter what and I’m looking forward to coming in and making my fans happy.