Training Camp Activities

One of the highlights for fans who visit the Buffalo Bills Training Camp presented by Connors & Ferris is the Bills Experience area adjacent to the practice fields. Open whenever the Bills practice, the Bills Experience area is ideal for kids as well as a great way to pass the time between sessions.

Quarterback Challenge - The pressure is on as three receivers are open to catch your game-winning pass! But watch out! There is a "huge" defender who wants to get to you first.

Football Toss - Scott Chandler is on the 20-yard line waiting for you to throw him the ball. Wait! Is that Sammy Watkins on the 5-yard line? You must make the split-second decision of who gets the ball to score the touchdown!

Obstacle Course - Dash around the defense, run through the rope course, and take the long snap then throw the ball to the receiver in the end zone!

Field Goal Challenge - You're in the final seconds of the game and the coach has sent you out to clinch the game for your team. Can you overcome the pressure and put the ball through the uprights?

Red Zone - It is goal to go and you need to lead your team into the end zone. You have the ball are headed towards the end zone, but first you have to go around and over the defensive linemen!

Vendor Area

Near the main entrance of the camp, fans will have the opportunity to purchase Bills merchandise. Tickets are available for purchase on-line and by calling toll free at 1-877-BB TICKS. Stop by the Bills information booth for more details.

Kids Autograph Zone

Children under the age of 14 will have a chance to get autographs following each practice at the Kids Autograph Tent (complete schedule). Two players per session will be available for 15 minutes and each child will be able to have one item signed. Because of high demand, the lines will be limited to the number of youngsters that can be accommodated that day. Fans can also get autographs along the fence of the field as players exit practice.

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