“Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills!”  Chris Berman, ESPN NFL Studio Host.

Buffalo Bills fans are some of the best tailgaters in the NFL. The Bills encourage fans to take pride in their tailgate party and clean-up their area before entering the Ralph. Glass bottles or containers are not permitted. Please use plastic cups or aluminum cans for beverages. For the safety of our guests and their vehicles, please don’t leave your garbage or empty drinks in the parking lot. Recycling containers and garbage receptacles will be available throughout the lots. We appreciate fans that can have fun and also tailgate responsibly like the ultimate Bills Tailgaters do. Thank you!  



No open fires are permitted in the Bills parking lots or on stadium grounds. Fires in contained grills are permitted. Tailgating is permitted in most stadium parking lots. There is no tailgating permitted in the Administrative Lot, Team Member Lot, Training Center Lot, Tunnel Lot, and Youth Stadium Lot. Most tailgate lots have been paved and striped with oversized parking spaces to allow for more tailgating space. Stadium lots open four (4) hours before the game and close approximately two (2) hours following a game. Vehicles may occupy ONLY ONE parking space. Additional spaces are not available for purchase for the purpose of tailgating. For everyone to enjoy the tailgating experience, guests are asked to please follow these guidelines:

     - No Binge Drinking Permitted in the Parking Lots (no kegs, funnels, glass bottles).
     - New Orchard Park Open Container Law: Fans are not permitted to carry open containers with alcohol on the streets or sidewalks of Orchard Park.
     - No saving of parking spaces is allowed.
     - Please tailgate in front or behind vehicle only.
     - Please be considerate of other fans, vehicles and property.
     - Please dispose of all trash in proper receptacles.
     - Please use plastic cups or aluminum cans and no glass bottles.
     - Please extinguish all flames and grills before entry or departure from the game.
     - Please don’t block or impede other vehicles from exiting after a game.

Additional restrictions may apply. Disorderly guests are subject to ejection from the parking lot premises, revocation of tickets, and criminal prosecution.

Don’t forget to arrive at the gates at least an hour before kickoff to guarantee easy entry! (12 Noon for 1 p.m. games)

Please tailgate responsibly, have fun, show respect and courtesy to all fans, keep it clean and Green, and further show why Buffalo fans are the best fans in the NFL!