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Bills Today | Are the Bills set up for long-term success?


There's no doubt that the Bills' are set up for present and future success.

Joe Banner, writer for The 33rd Team and a former NFL exec, ranked his top six teams that he thinks are primed for sustainable success. He stated that there are three factors that generally lead to a successful franchise (head coach, quarterback, front office). From 2000 to 2016, the Bills couldn't seem to find very successful answers for those three factors which is a big reason why the team failed to make the playoffs all those years.

Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane changed all that and is why Banner has Buffalo as the second-best team set for long-term success.

2. Buffalo Bills

From the day Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane arrived, they have made consistently smart team building moves. I worked with Sean for over a decade, and he's in the top 5 head coaches in the league, if not higher. Their personnel decisions and execution have been excellent to the point that I think they have the best team they've had with this regime. They've also excelled in hiring. When you get a new coach, teams can be really good for 3-4 years until they start losing some of their coaches. They may not do quite as well when they don't have the same caliber assistant coaches. Yet, Sean has done a great job of keeping a strong staff together, which will help them sustain success.

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