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Bills Today: The AFC East owns a lot of value in first three rounds of the NFL Draft


1 – The AFC East owns a lot of value in first three rounds of the NFL Draft

In a deal that sent Brandin Cooks to the Los Angelas Rams, the New England Patriots received the 23rd overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft. That gives the Patriots two picks (23rd and 31st) in the first round of this year's draft. But where do the rest of the AFC East picks fall as of now?

The New York Jets

The Jets currently hold the highest pick of any AFC East team with the third overall selection. It took the Jets sixth overall pick, two second rounders from this year's draft and a second round pick for the 2019 draft to move into the top five. Since the Jets traded completely out of the second round, their next pick comes in the third round (72nd overall).

The Miami Dolphins

The Fins are in the middle of a culture change, with players like Jarvis Landry and Ndamukong Suh parting ways with the team. Miami currently holds the 11th overall selection in the 2018 draft. The team also has the 10th pick in the second round (42nd overall) and the ninth pick in the third round (73rd overall).

The New England Patriots

With the most recent trade, the 23rd pick in the first round, along with the 31st pick belong to the Pats. From the Jimmy Garoppolo trade during last season, the Pats picked up the 11th selection in round two (43rd overall). The Pats also hold the second to last pick in the second round (63rd overall). With their pick in the third round (95th overall), the Patriots hold five picks in the first three rounds.

The Buffalo Bills

The Bills hold the 12th and 22st overall selections in the first round. The Bills hold 53rd overall pick  and the 56th overall pick they acquired from the Rams pick in the Sammy Watkins trade last offseason. The Bills added pick the first pick in the third round (65th overall) after the Tyrod Taylor trade with the Browns, and the 32nd pick in round three (96th overall).


2 – Bruce Feldman breaks down the top QB prospects

Fox Sports college football reporter and the author of "The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks" Bruce Feldman joined the John Murphy Show on Tuesday to discuss the upcoming draft and the big-name QB prospects expecting to hear their names called.

The first mentioned was Josh Rosen. The 6-4 QB out of UCLA was called "polarizing" by Feldman and was said to have two major concerns that may make teams second guess choosing him over another QB.

"The biggest concern about him… isn't a toughness thing, it's a durability thing," said Feldman. "He did have two documented concussions last year… He took a pounding at UCLA…. [Also] his personality is not going to be for everybody. I think there is an element of… his personality is just different than what you usually see from quarterbacks."

But on the upside, Feldman gives Rosen's skill high praise and told about praise from the QBs teammates.

"When you talk to his teammates… they will tell you privately… he is much more competitive, and cares about football, and cares about his teammates more than a lot of people don't know him, think he does," said Feldman. "I think Josh Rosen is the most talented passer… I think Josh is more talented than Jared Goff."

For the QB most expected to be taken first overall, Sam Darnold "has the lowest bust factor," said Feldman. "He is very athletic, his teammates love him, anticipates well, makes plays."

Even though Feldman considers Darnold the safest pick of any QB in the draft, his moments of sloppiness need to be reduced for any real success in the NFL.

"He can be sloppy with the football and hopefully that kind of thing can get coached out of him," said Feldman. "He struggled a bit more this year than he did last year. I think some of that was teams adjusted to him and the other part was he broke-in a largely new group of receivers."

The 6-5 QB out of Wyoming comes as a question mark to Feldman, and one of the bigger risks.

"Josh Allen gives me some pause because, yes he has the biggest arm and yes he's the biggest of these guys and he's athletic, but he played at a lower level of football," said Feldman. "To me, he's a big work in progress. I would be more skittish of him as a top-five pick than Darnold or Rosen or even Baker Mayfield."

And on the subject of Mayfield, Feldman believes the 6-1 QB out of Oklahoma can have a bright future in the NFL.

"I think he could be terrific," said Feldman. "He makes plays, very good on the move and I just think when the lights come on he responds well to pressure. And his confidence level is at a different level than these other guys."

Then, there is the QB very few predict to go in the first round, Lamar Jackson. But Feldman thinks there can be a big upside in the former Heisman winner. That includes, Feldman believing Jackson is "the best athlete" out of any of the QBs in this year's draft.

 "I think there is going to be a lot of people who are going to be gun shy on Lamar, but he's also a guy unlike the other guys where I could see him being a situational weapon for the right team early on if he continues to develop as a red-zone guy, as a two-point play guy potentially, and some trick plays," said Feldman.

3 – Filling the gap at linebacker

Since now former Buffalo Bills linebacker Preston Brown has signed with the Cincinnati Bengals, the Bills have not added a definitive replacement to replace him. That said, visits have been made and the NFL draft is less than a month away.

Current free agents Kevin Minter and Karlos Dansby have already made visits to One Bills Drive, yet both left without a contract. Minter is 27 and coming of a one-year deal with the Cincinnati Bengals. He started nine games before a hamstring injury ended his season early. Dansby is 36 and started 15 of 16 games for the Arizona Cardinals this past season. In his 14th NFL season, Dansby produced 74 tackles, one sack and one interception.

The Bills also have the option to draft a linebacker, and two of the options rank in the top 10 in's draft rankings. Tremaine Edmunds and Roquan Smith are both highly talented linebackers expected to go in the first round of this year's draft.


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