What are your top 25 Bills questions before camp?


This Thursday, July 4th, marks 25 days out from the kickoff practice of the Bills 2013 training camp at St. John Fisher College outside of Rochester, NY.

While the players continue to recharge their batteries in preparation for camp, Chris Brown will be counting down the days until Bills football begins with you, the fans.

Beginning July 4th with question number 25, Brown will tackle one unanswered question each day until the start of camp.

How fast will the offense be? Who looks poised to win the number two receiver role? These questions and more when you tune back in to buffalobills.com starting this Thursday.

We can't wait for the start of 2013 Buffalo Bills football, and we know you can't either, so send us your questions via story comment, Twitter (#BillsCamp), and Facebook, and Chris will tackle 25 of the things Bills fans are wondering by July 28th.

Plan your visit to this year's camp by visiting the Bills training camp homepage. We hope to see you there!

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