Bills Experience Area

Bills Slide: Race your friends to the top and see who can slide down the fastest!

Football Toss: You must make the split-second decision of who gets the ball to score the touchdown!

Running Back Challenge: Practice your best spin move, and side step oncoming defenders, as you race to the end zone and dive over the pylon!

Field Goal Challenge: You're in the final seconds of the game and the coach has sent you out to clinch the game for your team. Can you overcome the pressure and put the ball through the uprights?

Red Zone Challenge: It is goal to go and you need to lead your team into the end zone. You have the ball are headed towards the end zone, but first you have to go around and over the defensive linemen!

Vendor Area

Near the main entrance of the camp, fans will have the opportunity to interact with Bills sponsors and team partners, receive complimentary souvenir photos, and purchase official Bills merchandise. Information on purchasing season tickets as well as individual game tickets is also available at the Bills Information Booth at the front of the tent.


Bills fans can enjoy a number of concession items ranging from pizza to items off the grill. For select practices, food trucks will also be on site.

Kids Autograph Zone

Children under the age of 14 will have a chance to get autographs following each practice at the Kids Autograph Tent (complete schedule). Two players per session will be available for 15 minutes and each child will be able to have one item signed. Because of high demand, the lines will be limited to the number of youngsters that can be accommodated that day. Fans can also get autographs along the fence of the field as players exit practice.