3 things we learned from Raiders owner Mark Davis on 'Bills Pod Squad'


Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis joins Buffalo Bills owner and team president Kim Pegula and multimedia journalist Maddy Glab on Episode 4 of "Bills Pod Squad," presented by New York State Lottery.

The episode is available now on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Podcasts. You can also watch the episode on, the team's YouTube channel, and the Bills Mobile app, presented by M&T Bank.

Each week, Pegula and Glab discuss the Bills' previous matchup, look at the week ahead, and talk to personalities from around the team and throughout the NFL.

Here are three takeaways from their conversation with Davis.

1. Bringing the Raiders to Vegas

The Bills will travel to Allegiant Stadium on Sunday, marking their first visit to the Raiders' new state-of-the-art home overlooking the Las Vegas strip.

Davis discusses the history behind the Raiders' travels and gives an inside look at how the stadium was designed. He also details his experience on opening night and talks about how his father, the late legendary owner Al Davis, might have reacted to the stadium.

"It's so emotional and it's so amazing," he said. "For many, many years we've been looking for a home that we could call our home."

2. Growing up with Al Davis

Davis reflects on what it was like to grow up around football and how it set him on his path.

"My father was a football man," he said. "That's really all he was concerned with in life. He studied military stuff, he was very studied in history and things of the nature, but football was his life. He allowed me to be around the team and do whatever I wanted around the team. Back in the day, he would be watching film every night and I would be allowed to go in there and watch the film."

Davis continues to discuss his various roles with the team, from the equipment staff to the merchandise department.

3. High marks for Bills Mafia

Davis reflects on his visits to Buffalo over the years – including some "epic" matchups during the 1990s – which prompts him to remark on the fans in Western New York.

"The Bills fans didn't look intimidating at all in that three below zero [weather] with no shirts on, drinking beers in the snow," he deadpanned. "No, not intimidating at all.

"You guys have one of the greatest fanbases of all," he continued. "For them to come out there in the elements like they do and cheer that team on, you should be pretty proud."

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