Ride Share Lot

Ride Share Lot

The Ride Share Lot at Bills Stadium is located on the Western end of the adjacent ECC South campus. This location allows drivers a quick, convenient and safe way to exit the lot and merge onto either Southwestern Blvd. or Big Tree Road.

The dedicated Ride Share Lot helps ensure that fans are able to easily connect with their driver and begin their ride home as efficiently as possible. Fans using Ride Sharing are instructed to open their app upon arrival to the Ride Share Lot. Fans should then proceed to the Ride Share Lot, by crossing Abbott Road outside of Gate 2, and walking between Lots 3 and 4 via Community College Drive. Fans enter onto the ECC campus and follow Community College Drive to its western end, where the Ride Share Lot is located. Drivers will call or text riders upon entering the Ride Share Lot to inform fans which row their vehicle is located in.

A map of Bills Stadium Ride Share Lot location is illustrated below.