Account Holder Definition

The first line of your account information (as shown on your invoice) denotes the Season Ticket Member of record. For your protection, we will only accept address changes, transfer requests and inquiries from the person designated as the Season Ticket Member, his or her spouse, or a legal representative. Tickets held in the name of a business should designate a company representative to make such changes and inquiries, whose name would appear on the second line of the account information. The Buffalo Bills reserve the right to recall tickets back to the Buffalo Bills in the event the Season Ticket Member of record information is not submitted accurately.

Account Manager

Manage your account and season tickets online. Make payments, update your address and/or contact information, track ticket distribution, transfer tickets and access mobile ticketing. Log in with your email address and password to access your Account Manager. If you do not know your password, please use the "forgot password" link to have a temporary password emailed to you. Visit our Current Members page to find additional information regarding how to access and transfer your mobile tickets.

Mobile Tickets

Mobile tickets are the safest, most convenient and flexible way to receive and manage tickets while increasing protection against fraud. Please view more information on Mobile Ticketing here.

Digital tickets provide:

  • Quick and easy entry using your mobile phone
  • Instant access to all of your season tickets through Account Manager on the Bills Mobile app
  • The ability to manage, transfer or sell your tickets at any time

We strongly recommend the following tips:

  • Add your ticket(s) to your phone's digital wallet (Google Pay for Android users or Apple Wallet for iPhone users) in advance of the event to avoid weak WiFi or cellular signals at the stadium
  • Make sure you have a full battery charge before you head to the stadium
  • If you are attending with guests, transfer each person their own ticket in advance

ADA and Special Needs Seating

Wheelchair platforms are located around the 100-level, at the top of the 300 level and in some club seating areas. Wheelchair seating tickets are required to sit on the platforms. There is NO wheelchair seating available in the sideline clubs. There is NO storage for wheelchairs anywhere inside the stadium. To obtain proper seating for a guest with a disability, contact the Bills Ticket Office at 1-877-BB-TICKS (228-4257) prior to arriving at the stadium. Please contact a Guest Service Ambassador on game day for further assistance. Seating for guests with disabilities is based on availability.

Special needs/non-wheelchair seating is located in the upper rows of the 100-level.

Wheelchair ramps to the 100-level are located in the east end zone under the M&T Bank Club, Bud Light Club or the west end zone under the video board.

Access to the 300-level ADA seats is via the elevators in the Pepsi Club, Dunn Tire Club, and Toyota Club.

Adding or Removing Seats

Only the Season Ticket Member of Record can request and authorize the addition or removal of seats from an account.

Submit requests via email to your Account Representative or to tickets@bills.nfl.net. Requests to remove seats from an account are not accepted over the phone.

When removing seats, indicate the specific seat location(s) that need to be removed from the account.

All season ticket member seats are subject to a $100 per seat cancellation fee.

Seats added to an account cannot be transferred or relocated within the same season they are purchased.

Submitting Account Information Changes

Only the Season Ticket Member of Record can initiate address and/or contact information changes.

You can update your information by logging in to Account Manager, clicking on your name in the top right, 'Your Account', and then 'Manage My Personal Profile' under 'Account Settings'. You can also send your Account Service Representative an e-mail from your e-mail address on file with the updated mailing address and contact information. Address changes are not accepted over the phone.

Do not cross off a name on an invoice and write in a new name to indicate a change of ownership to an account. This will not be considered a legitimate request and will not be completed.

The Season Ticket Member of Record is solely responsible for providing the Buffalo Bills Ticket Office with updated address and/or contact information (including email address). Therefore, the Buffalo Bills are not responsible for:

E-mails or correspondence sent to an incorrect address including, but not limited to: invoices, tickets, parking passes, benefit mailings, etc.

Calls, texts or notifications sent to incorrect phone numbers.

Companies should note:

Company address or contact information changes such as changes to attention names (i.e. "Attn: Accounts Payable") must be on company letter head and signed by an officer of the company or the company owner.

Away Game Tickets

Tickets for away games are not available for purchase through the Bills Ticket Office. Fans should contact the opponent club for ticket availability.

You can purchase a VIP travel package through On Location

You can also buy tickets to away games from other NFL Season Ticket Members and fans on NFL Ticket Exchange, powered by Ticketmaster. Find tickets now.

Children's Tickets

Children under two years of age are not required to have a ticket provided they sit on an adult's lap. As a courtesy to all fans and to comply with fire regulations, children should not sit in the aisles or walkways. There are no discounted tickets available for children.

NFL Flex Scheduling

The NFL primetime "Flexible Scheduling" element goes into effect during weeks 5 to 18 of the regular season. Sunday afternoon games are subject to be moved to a Sunday night game. Monday night games may not be moved.

Fans and ticket holders must be aware that NFL games in Flex weeks are subject to change 12 days in advance and 6 days in advance during week 18. Please note, the "no exchanges / no refunds" policy will remain in effect for any games moved due to NFL Flex Scheduling.

Playoff Tickets

Season Ticket Members that want to reserve their season ticket location for potential home playoff games have the following options:

  1. Enroll in one of our Easy Renew Payment Plans. By enrolling in one of our Easy Renew Payment Plans, accounts consent to enroll in our Pay As We Play playoff ticket payment plan. Accounts enrolled in this plan will only be charged for their playoff tickets if we are to host a home playoff game. Accounts enrolled in an Easy Renew Payment Plan will receive a discount on their Wildcard ticket price if we are to host a Wildcard home playoff game.
  2. Accounts that do not enroll in one of our Easy Renew Payment Plans can enroll in our Pay As We Play Payment Plan separately using a credit card. Accounts enrolled in the Pay As We Play Payment Plan before September 1 will receive a discount on their Wildcard ticket price if we are to host a Wildcard home playoff game. Accounts enrolled in this plan will only be charged for their playoff tickets if we are to host a home playoff game.

Any accounts that do not enroll in one of our Easy Renew Payment Plans or in the Pay As We Play Payment Plan by September 1, will NOT receive the Wildcard playoff ticket discount if we are to host a Wildcard home playoff game.

Posting Tickets for Sale through NFL TicketExchange

Season Ticket Member Accounts must be paid in full and/or on a compliant payment plan in order to post tickets for resale.

Season Ticket Member must have a valid checking account and credit card in order to post tickets for resale.

Tickets may not be sold within 1,500 feet from the physical structure of the place of entertainment under penalty of law.

Accounts found with duplicate tickets at the gate are subject to termination of season ticket member rights and privileges, and/or applicable law enforcement.

Please view here for more information.

Purchasing Tickets

For information on purchasing Buffalo Bills tickets please contact us here or visit here to live chat with a representative.

Note the following ticket limits:

Alcohol-Free area, Bluezone and 300 Level V – Limit of 6 season tickets per individual, account or household.


Purchasing Tickets via NFL TicketExchange

Seat Relocation Process

Each offseason after the renewal deadline, eligible Season Ticket Member accounts will be given the opportunity to improve their seats via our Seat Relocation process. To be eligible, accounts need to meet the following criteria:

  • Have renewed their season tickets by the first invoice due date
  • Account must be in good standing by being paid in full, on a compliant payment plan, or current with our invoice payment cycle

Eligible accounts will receive a relocation email approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the relocation process. Please make sure you have an updated email address on your account. This email will have a relocation date and time. The relocation date and time are based on the seniority of the account. On their assigned date and time, the account holder of record can log in to their online Account Manager to select a new seat location from available inventory.

Any separate accounts that would like to relocate together need to contact their Account Service Representative or our service line at 1-877-228-4257 before their relocation date to set up a Group Seniority date.

Club Seat Member Relocation:

Eligible accounts will receive a relocation email approximately 2 weeks prior to the start of the relocation process. Please make sure you have an updated email address on your account. This email will have a form for accounts to fill out if they are interested in relocating. Account Service Representatives will then call the accounts in seniority order to discuss the seat relocation options out of the available inventory. Accounts that do not fill out the relocation form by the deadline will not be eligible.

Season Ticket Payments

Renew your account by enrolling in one of our Easy Renew Payment Plans or paying the initial deposit no later than the required deposit deadline shown on your first invoice. Accounts that renew by the first deadline date will be eligible for all offers that fall under that deadline. Offers may include, but are not limited to, Season Ticket Member Benefits, the Seat Relocation Process, the Season Ticket Member preferred sale of single game tickets, etc. All funds must be in U.S. Dollars.

Easy Renew – 4- or 9-month credit card installment plan

Your Season Ticket Membership will renew annually, unless you or the Bills opt out during a designated time period before each season. This helps make the renewal process as easy and stress-free as possible.

Spread out your payments over 4 or 9 months, interest-free!

Enjoy the convenience of invoice-free plans with payments charged to your credit card automatically each month. Approximately 1/4 or 1/9 of your total balance will be charged to your credit card upon enrollment. The remaining installments will be charged to your credit card on or around the 15th day of each month from April 2022 – June 2022 for the 4-month payment plan or November 2022 for the 9-month payment plan. If you enroll in our 4 or 9-month pre-authorized installment plan, you are consenting to enroll in Easy Renew and Pay As We Play. Some restrictions apply, see details in the Terms and Conditions.

The Buffalo Bills reserve the right to reject tickets and prohibit gate entry on any game-day, and/or cancel any account that is not compliant with their chosen payment plan.

Accepted Forms of Payment

Payment for Bills season, group, single game and playoff tickets may be made by Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, cashier's check, money order or personal check. Please make all checks payable to Buffalo Bills, LLC. Bank items returned for any reason are subject to a $25 service fee. Buffalo Bills, LLC does not accept debit cards as a form of payment for the purchase of tickets. Ticket Fees over $20,000 must be paid by check, no credit cards and no installment plans.

Buffalo Bills, LLC does not accept debit cards as a form of payment for the purchase of tickets.

Terms and Conditions

Ticket Back Disclaimer

This ticket is a revocable license that only grants a one-time entry into the stadium and a seat, or if specified on the ticket, a standing location, for the specified game (the "Event") with no right of re-entry. The person seeking entry pursuant to this license, and any accompanying minors ("Holder"), agrees that this ticket license is subject to these terms and conditions ("Terms") and by acceptance and/or use of this ticket for the Event, Holder is deemed to have read the Terms and agreed to be bound by them. Failure to comply with any of these Terms shall result in forfeiture of this license and all rights arising hereunder without refund, and shall entitle the NFL and Buffalo Bills, LLC (the "Bills"), (individually or collectively, "Management") to pursue all legal remedies available. Admission may be refused or revoked and Holder may be ejected in the sole discretion of Management.

ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES EXCEPT AS PROVIDED HEREIN. THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY if admission is refused or revoked, or the Event is cancelled and not replayed for any reason, is a refund of up to the face value of the ticket set by Management (the "Face Value"). Further, Management's liability for any breach of any term of this ticket shall not exceed the Face Value. IN NO EVENT SHALL MANAGEMENT BE LIABLE FOR ANY SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT OR EXEMPLARY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY AMOUNT PAID IN EXCESS OF THE FACE VALUE FOR THIS TICKET.

The date and time of the Event (and the opening of the gates) are subject to change by Management in its sole discretion, and no such change shall entitle ticket holder to a refund or any other remedy if ticket holder cannot attend or for any other reason. Ticket holder may be relocated in the sole discretion of Management, and no such relocation shall entitle ticket holder to a refund or any other remedy if ticket holder is relocated to a seat of comparable face value.

Holder must comply with all Bills and stadium policies, including without limitation any security and fan conduct policies, health and safety policies and assessments, and any applicable bag policies. Holder and Holder's belongings may be searched or assessed prior to or upon entry into the stadium. Prohibited items may be confiscated and/or Holder may be denied admission or have his or her admission revoked at any time at the sole discretion of Management. Holder consents to such searches and assessments and waives all claims relating to them. If Holder does not consent to such searches and assessments, Holder acknowledges that Management has the right to deny admission or to eject Holder from the Event without refund. Management reserves the right to deny admission to or eject any person who Management, in its sole discretion, determines poses a risk to the health and safety of other attendees and/or whose conduct violates these Terms, any applicable code of conduct, or is otherwise disorderly (or complicit in such conduct) without refund.

Holder agrees not to create, transmit, display, distribute, exploit, misappropriate or sell (or aid in such activity) (1) in any form, any description or account (whether text, data or visual, and including, without limitation, play-by-play data) of the Event or related events (collectively, the "Descriptive Data") for any commercial or non-personal, purpose; (2) any photographs, images, videos, audio or other form of display or public performance or reproduction of any portion of the Event or related events (the "Works") for any commercial or non-personal purpose; or (3) livestreams of any portion of the Event or related events (the "Livestreams"). Notwithstanding the foregoing, Holder agrees that by causing this ticket to be scanned upon entry to the Stadium, Holder shall be deemed to have signed this ticket and granted the NFL an exclusive worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, sub-licensable, royalty-free license to all rights associated with the Works, the Livestreams, and, to the extent permitted by law, the Descriptive Data. Holder also grants irrevocable permission to the NFL, the Bills, and their respective sponsors, licensees, advertisers, broadcasters, designees, partners and agents to use, publish, distribute, edit, modify and/or alter Holder's image, likeness, voice, actions and statements in any medium including, without limitation, any audio, video, film, photographs, social media, exhibition, transmission, publication or reproduction of the Event for any purpose without further authorization or compensation, and waives all claims and potential claims relating to such use unless prohibited by law.

HOLDER VOLUNTARILY ASSUMES ALL RISKS, HAZARDS AND DANGERS incident to the Event and related events, including the risk of personal injury (including death), the risk of exposure to communicable diseases, viruses, bacteria or illnesses or the causes thereof, sickness, or lost, stolen or damaged property, whether occurring before, during, or after the Event, however caused, and hereby waives all claims and potential claims relating to such risks, hazards and dangers. Management is not responsible for lost, stolen, destroyed, duplicated or counterfeit tickets and may refuse to honor such tickets. Further, this ticket may not be used for, or in connection with, any form of commercial or trade purposes including, but not limited to, any advertising, promotions, contests, sweepstakes, giveaways, gambling or gaming activities, without the express written consent of the Bills and/or the NFL. This ticket may not be resold within 1,500 feet of the Bills' stadium or ticket office under penalty of law. Use of this ticket in violation of any law is strictly prohibited and will result in seizure, revocation and/or forfeiture of this license without refund.

Terms and Conditions

View here.

Transfer Requests

A season ticket transfer is defined as a change of ownership on a season ticket account when the name of the official Season Ticket Member of Record is changing from one name to another.

The Season Ticket Member of Record can contact their Account Service Representative to discuss transferring seats. Some restrictions and exclusions apply.