The home field of the Buffalo Bills is truly one of the most distinctive locations to host your next event. With an assortment of unique spaces and incredible food and beverage offerings through Delaware North, Highmark Stadium is the perfect venue for a gathering of any size.
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What are the costs?

Costs of renting an event space at the stadium vary, depending on the space and length of time of an event. In addition to the event space rental fee, additional costs may include security, cleaning, or other staffing needs. Food and beverage costs are not included in event rental fees.

Do you offer stadium tours?

Public tours are not available at this time. Private tours can be booked based on schedule availability. Private tours start at $500.

Do I have to sign a contract?

The Buffalo Bills do require an Event Licensing Agreement to be signed, which outlines the rules and requirements of using an event space at the stadium.

Can I hold a space?

Event spaces at the stadium will only be held when an Event Licensing Agreement is in place, and a 50% deposit has been paid. Due to the high volume of event requests, we cannot hold space without the agreement and deposit.

Is a security deposit required?

For most events, a security deposit is required. The Buffalo Bills retain the right to request a security deposit for any event, details of which are included in the Event Licensing Agreement.

Do I need to provide insurance?

Proof of insurance is required to rent event space at the stadium.

How long can I use the space?

Depending on availability, event spaces can be rented for any length of time.

Do you provide food & beverage?

Catering and concessions are available through Delaware North Sportservice, the official food and beverage provider of the Buffalo Bills.

Can we bring in our own food, beverage, or catering service?

Outside food, beverage, and catering is not permitted for any event space at the stadium. All catering and concessions must be ordered through Delaware North Sportservice, the official food and beverage provider of the Buffalo Bills.

Can we have alcohol at our event?

Alcohol sales and service are available for most events at the stadium, and must be provided through Delaware North Sportservice. Due to New York State liquor laws, some conditions or restrictions may apply.

Do you provide Audio & Visual equipment and support?

We have state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment in each of our sideline clubs which is available to you when you rent the space at no additional charge. The Scoreboard can be used for most events, but that does include an extra cost.

Is parking included?

The complimentary use of parking lots at the stadium is included for most events. For large-scale events requiring parking assistance, paid parking, or valet staff, the Buffalo Bills are proud to partner with Allpro Parking. The services of Allpro Parking may be added to any event for an additional cost.

Is there a coat check?

Coat check rooms are available in some, but not all, locations at the stadium.

Can we bring and set up decorations?

In many cases, decorations are allowed, depending on the event space in use. Due to safety, fire code, and stadium rules, some types of decorations and/or placement are not permitted.

Are tables, chairs, linens, and other items provided?

A limited number of tables and chairs are available in the stadium sideline and tower clubs, and can be set up as you like for your event. Tables and chairs are not available in other event spaces, and would need to be brought by the event planner or a third-party vendor. Other items, such as linens, pipe-and-drape, or specialty items/lighting, would be the responsibility of the event planner as well.

What is the cancellation policy?

Events cancelled by the organizer at least ninety (90) days prior to the scheduled date will be refunded by one-half of the deposit amount. Events cancelled less than ninety (90) days prior to the scheduled date will not be refunded. The Buffalo Bills reserve the right to cancel or reschedule events for reasons listed in the event rental license agreement at any time.

May I use the Bills logo to promote my event?

The use of the Buffalo Bills word mark, charging buffalo, and standing buffalo logos are reserved for use by official team partners only. Only team partners may use these marks to promote their events. All signs, banners, displays, advertising, and printed materials for an event must be approved in advance by the Buffalo Bills.

What if it snows?

In the event of snow, the stadium staff will ensure that all event parking areas, footpaths, and entryways are cleared of snow and safe for use by your party. If severe weather poses a threat to the safety of guests, the Buffalo Bills reserve the right to cancel or reschedule events as deemed appropriate. Additional costs may apply for snow removal, depending on the scope of the event.