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Lee Evans - Practice

Bills Wide Receiver Lee Evans


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On the match-up with Champ Bailey

No question he is good.  He's been a Pro Bowler, All Pro, all that.  To be good you have to go against the best.  It's a match-up that I am certainly looking forward to.  That whole defense and their whole secondary is a veteran secondary and to be successful against them you have to be good.  It's not just Champ, it's their whole secondary overall.  So that will be our challenge this week. 


On the statement that Losman says if there is one-on-one coverage he will get you the ball

It is a bold statement, but I think we prepare hard and we have to take what they throw at us.  We can't back down just because they've been good.  We've got to go out and try to do things the way we need to do as well. 

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On the ability of the offense to dictate their own scheme during a game

We are certainly getting to that point.  I don't think that we are all the way there.  But I do feel like we are getting to that point.  I feel like we made some good strides during the preseason when we were in there.  I think that game-by-game we got a lot better and going into that last game we did some good things throwing the ball down the field.  But coming into this game it is a whole different type of preparation than the preseason.  It is a lot more intensive and a lot more focused.  Everything is a little bogged down so that's what we have to focus on. 


On going against a secondary that is not afraid to challenge

They're good and they've been good for a while.  Coming right out of the gates you have a test.  You've got a big test by one of the best secondaries in the league.  I think it will put into perspective where we are at right now.  I think everybody, especially in the receiving room, is looking forward to it. 


On the help the secondary receives from having Simeon Rice coming off the edge

If they can get pressure then it makes their job on the back end a little easier.  It will be a big challenge for us to get some protection and give J.P. (Losman) some time and let us go to work back there. 


On the improvement of Roscoe Parrish

Roscoe is dangerous anytime he touches the ball.  I think from his first year to last year to this year he has gotten a lot smarter.  He's learning the system and knows what is expected of him and it is not just new to him where he feels on edge about things.  He's become a much smarter player and that helps our offense and it helps J.P. feel a lot more comfortable with him. 


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