Mario Williams: "I just have to keep it going"

DE Mario Williams

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Q: Is it still hard to get rid of the disappointment of losing that game and things looking dim on your playoff hopes?

A: No. It is on to the next (game). We have to get out here and get prepared. Try to win this week.

Q: Do you even think about that it is really going to take winning out right now?

A: At the end of the day, every week is a new week. Whether or not you are undefeated or have not won a game, you have to go out there, get back at it and refocus.

Q: For you personally, do you feel the best you have all season?

A: So far I have. I just have to stay on top of treatment and just get healthy.

Q: That last drive from the Colts where you could not get the ball back really put a damper on what was a good effort from the defense.

A: If it had not been for the penalty that was unfortunately called, which is however somebody is looking at, it could have gone either way. As far as the penalty we would have been off the field. We still have an opportunity.

Q: After all the excitement coming into the season how discouraging is all the unsold tickets and games being blacked out?

A: I cannot focus on that. I am trying to go out and play. Blacked out, televised, whatever—you have to go out and play.

Q: So much is said about how long it takes a defense to learn a scheme, is that part of what has been happening?

A: I think it is just one of those things that we are playing together better. Like I was saying, every game it is just about being in your gap, your responsibility and executing.

Q: Is there anything you can pinpoint as a moment it came together?

A: Whenever we execute. Like I said, just be in the gap. Anything that happens to us we allowed it to. It is on us and that is just not being in position.

Q: How new is playing in the snow and cold to you?

A: I have never played in a snow game, but weather is weather. It does not really matter to me. I do not focus too much on weather.

Q: Any coaching points come out of last game in not being able to get off the field on third-and-longs?

A: Just finish it. There were a couple of runs that they got. We have to get them down in that situation. A couple of penalties towards the end of the game that we have to take care of. It was just the little things. Getting it done and stopping them.

Q: Do you feel as confident as you have right now?

A: Yeah, mentally I am definitely feeling pretty well. I just have to keep it going.

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