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Quarterback JP Losman

Bills Quarterback J.P. Losman
On the correlation between Lee Evans recent production and Losman being in at quarterback

For some reason we just keep hooking up.  We've always been comfortable with each other.  We've somehow been able to read each other.  I know when he's going to break hot and when he's not.  Knowing when he's going to fade it back outside on that fade route.  We just feel comfortable with each other from that standpoint.  We know where each other are going to be at all times and having confidence in it.  He runs the route with confidence and I throw it with confidence and that makes the whole difference.  On maintaining the high level of play even with the extra attention Evans receives

I think the way you settle that is to just go through your reads.  If they happen to give it to you then you take it.  If they don't then we have Roscoe (Parrish), we have Josh (Reed), we have Robert Royal and Michael Gaines and Marshawn Lynch in the passing game.  There are so many other weapons.  Just don't get caught over there when I'm not supposed to be.  Just continue with my reads and just keep focusing that way.  On the great production of Evans in the second half of the season

It's just one of those things.  It's just starting to happen.  I don't think it will be that way for the rest of his career.  Some people have these seasons throughout their career and he's just getting them out of the way now.  On Evans sticking up for Losman when he was not playing

It means a lot.  We've been through a lot.  That's just a player that's speaking what he believes.  A lot of guys have there own feelings and some guys don't express them as much as others.  They kind of shy away from confrontation but Lee (Evans) said what he felt.  As a player you have to respect that.  Regardless of if it's in your favor or not.  That's what he believes and he's not afraid to say it.  He put a lot of thought and effort into it so he wasn't just speaking out of the air or out of frustration or something like that.  It was good to see that I came through for him.  On past success against the Miami Dolphins

You go in with the thought I've played against some of the guys and some of the personnel.  Some of their concepts are similar.  You go in with some confidence from that standpoint.  Being able to say I've seen that before a couple times.  It's going to be a tough one like all these games.  It's going to be a big challenge for us to go down there and get a win.  On being named the starter against the Dolphins

We just got to keep it going.  I think that's (Dick Jauron's) message to me when he talks to me.  Let's just keep it going.  Let's go get another win.  Let's keep it rolling.  Keep being sharp and keep studying.  Doing those things.  As a player that's who you want to be and as a player you need to be reminded of those things.  Staying focused and studying as hard as you can.  This week is no different.  I want to come out with the same mindset and same success.  We want to go down there and get a win.  It's going to be a big win for our team if we can go down there and get one.  On having the decision of the starting quarterback based on performance

As long as you keep performing and that's going to be the case then that's simple enough for me.  I know what I got to do and if I take care of it and I do it then I stay in there.  If I don't then, what can I say, I didn't do my job.  I can't argue with that.  On players looking at the idea, "if you perform, you'll play" as walking a tight rope

Some players do and I think you always are as a player.  The better players are able to take that load off their back and go out there and perform.  Having the confidence in their throws as a quarterback.  Having confidence in their run checks.  When it is time to make those throws do not second guess yourself.  That comes with the player.  Either they got it or they don't.  Sometimes it is learned over time.  They can get better at it.  I've been through a lot and I've been prepared for situations like this I guess you could say so far here in Buffalo.  It's only helping me now that I'm in this situation again.  I don't really feel any extra pressure.  I feel confident just like last week and ready to go out there and get a win. On being able to better handle the current situation based on his experiences in the past with the quarterback situation

Just much better.  For instance, on the first play of the game we throw it low to Josh and it's incomplete.  Maybe I would let that bother me my first year.  I probably definitely would have.  Not being perfect for the first time in my life and things not coming as easy as they once did.  We were able to bounce right back and make a couple of nice throws on that drive.  That's what as a quarterback you progress to.  You just keep firing with confidence and eventually they'll start hitting their targets and guys will make plays for you.  On thinking about plays after they were over early in Losman's career

I'd probably hang on to it.  I'm thinking about it.  I'm upset about it.  As soon as that happened for us this time I didn't even think about it for one second.  It's over.  Next play.  Here we go.  As a quarterback that's what you have to have.  They try to teach that to the young guys.  You could hear it a million times but unless you go through it and are in that situation you're not going to find out how important it is to let the last play go.  On it being hard not to look ahead now that the Bills are in the playoff conversation

It's easy to look ahead.  You have goals and dreams and aspirations.  Of course we think playoffs.  Of course we think we want to win.  We want to go on a winning streak but those are dreams and those are fantasies that you go to sleep with or think about those throughout the day.  But right now when you are at work we're focused on this next week and Miami.  We have a bunch of leaders on this team and a bunch of guys that you don't have to tell to work hard or anything like that.  Everyone is preparing for this week and not looking ahead.  That's very evident when you go in the locker room right now that guys are focused on this week. On feeling some satisfaction that the national media is recognizing the accomplishments of the Bills

It doesn't.  They weren't saying such nice things about us before and we were able to not listen to any of that stuff and get our job done.  So they could say positive and good stuff about us but we cannot listen to it.  We just have to focus on our task at hand.  It is a challenge and it will be a tribute to our team if we are able to pull this out.  On the improvement of the offensive line

It's tremendous.  They've progressed quite a bit.  In camp they were doing extremely well but it's kind of different because it's practice.  In a game situation, making those calls on the run, live, full speed, late in the game, in critical times and the crowds getting loud.  They're getting better and better each week.  You can't pump them up enough.  You can't say enough good things about them.  They take care of business.  You can tell them how good they did but they don't care.  They still feel that they can do better and that's a good sign.  That's what you want to see from your O-line.  On what sets Jason Taylor apart from other DE

His effort.  For the good players in this league it's effort.  A lot of people are talented and can make good plays here or there but if they're consistent then it's tough.  He's coming after you every play at full speed.  That goes for a lot of guys on their defense.  That goes for a lot of the top names in the league that you can mention.  It's the effort. On having a good relationship with Lee Evans
You kind of have to hit it off if you want to make it work.  We had talks about what we wanted to be.  We could be this and we could do this and we can accomplish this together.  We've had all those talks.  I feel like I was a child then.  I've grown up a lot in the last couple of years.  Now it's time to start doing those things and continue doing those things and only getting better at them and allowing them to happen on a more consistent basis.                     *

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