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Transcript: Aaron Williams

On his thoughts of the Bills and his reaction to being selected two picks outside of the first round:

My emotions right now are crazy. I'm excited, real emotional. My family and friends are here. We're all celebrating. The Bills is a great organization and a great team. I've got Marcell there, so we're going to try to bring as many wins as possible.

On how he thinks he will fit in to the defense:

The only way I'm going to fit in is where coach wants me to fit in. I haven't really talked to him about physically what position I'm going to be at, but I'm going to go into minicamp and just play hard.

On if he feels his best position is safety or cornerback:

Corner, without a doubt just because I'm a pretty big size for a corner and I can run pretty well for my size, real physical. But again, I'm going to do the best I can at whatever position they put me at.

On if he feels comfortable lining up against taller receivers:

Yea, I feel real comfortable with big guys. I've played big guys in my conference as well. But it's the NFL and every receiver is going to be good. You just have to work your technique, play hard and everything will fall into place.

On if teams threw away from his coverage last year is a reason for lack of interceptions:

I don't think it was necessarily that. I think it was me not finishing plays. And that's the one thing I'm going to work on this year in Buffalo. I'm going to go in there with a goal of finishing plays, getting more efficient and having more turnovers.

On not finishing plays last year:

I just didn't catch the ball. I didn't finish any plays…. Either a receiver knocked it down or I just didn't catch it. That was just my responsibility.

On if he's going to swap stories with Marcell Dareus about the 2009 Championship game:

Oh yea. We train together and we swapped a lot of stories. We have our opinions about the game and how it should have turned out. We laugh about it, but now it's time to go to work.

On the amount of Texas cornerbacks in the league:

My brother is here right now, Michael Huff. I've been talking to him a little bit before this call. A couple of guys Michael Griffin and Aaron Ross contacted me earlier. We're a big family and look out for each other. Like I said, now it's time to go to work and put in the work. Do your best and prove it to Buffalo why you should've been picked.

On his Uncle Ken Taylor, a member of the 1985 Chicago Bears:

Yes, sir. He's probably calling me, but I can't answer right now.

On if he has watched any tape of the 1985 Chicago Bears:

Yea, I definitely have watched. There's no way I cannot watch tape. He comes down every summer to train and watch me. Every time he comes down to my house he always has a tape with him telling me this is how you really need to play defense.

On if it is awesome watching the tape of the '85 Bears:

Yea, especially a team like that. They were so good on defense and having the opportunity with my Uncle playing is a blessing.

On if he takes pride in his physical play and toughness:

I definitely take pride because I just don't want to be a corner out there just trying to cover. I want to be an all overall great player, not just a player good at one aspect of the game. I want to be an overall player. Being able to cover is an upside to my game.

On if he was used outside or inside at Texas and if he can play both positions:

I've been mostly inside. I got to play outside when Chykie Brown got hurt late in the season. If he didn't get hurt, I'd probably still be in the inside. Definitely, inside or outside.

On the play he made on Sam Bradford:

It was just a blitz. He play-faked it, his back was behind me and I had a clean shot. I just told myself it doesn't have to be a kill shot, just make sure you get him down. I didn't hit him very hard. When he landed on the ground he fell awkwardly on his shoulder and that knocked him out.

On how far along he is towards his degree and his major:

I'm about a year to a year and half, 36 hours. It's not too far. I plan on getting my degree without a doubt and I promised my mom that. Youth Community Studies, Communications major.

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