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Transcript: Chan Gailey

Head Coach Chan Gailey

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On how DT Marcell Dareus is doing:

I spoke to Marcell (Dareus) and all of our condolences do go out to him and his family. He has a lot on his plate, to say the least. I talked with him this morning and I think he will be back for Sunday's game. Whether it is tonight, tomorrow or the next day I do not know but I think he will be here for this week. He wants to be back.

On if Dareus feels like he should be back because this is his second family:

I think he understands responsibility everywhere and you cannot be everywhere all the time. We did not try to pressure him into anything, but I think he understands responsibility—which is good.

On when Dareus left:

I do not know exactly when he left.

On feeling a burden this week to win:

Sure it is. I felt responsibility since I walked in this place. I think everybody understands exactly where we are and what we need to get accomplished before this season is done. I still believe our football team is going to be a good football team. It did not start out the way anybody wanted, but 16 teams are in the same situation we are in right now. We have to go solve our problems. I cannot worry about those other 15.

On how to not be frustrated by injuries:

Every time you lose somebody, somebody else gets an opportunity. That is the way you have to approach it. You can sit around, gripe, moan and complain about what you do not have or you can get excited about what you do have. We choose that every day we get up. I choose to get excited about the guys who are going to get another opportunity right now.

On how important it was for RB C.J. Spiller to show his abilities at the end of last season:

What he did, that is the other thing about it because somebody said 'how is it going to be with him carrying the load?' Well he carried the load the last part of last season so that is nothing new for him. I think he will be able to handle that. His confidence level is high and our confidence in him is extremely high. I wish that was our biggest problem.

On replacing WR David Nelson:

You have to make sure you get people in spots that can do similar things. Nothing will be exactly the same. You try to do some similar things with people. It may be different people doing it but you try to get people in spots to do those things.

On what WR Donald Jones can offer:

He can go inside and play inside. I do not have any problems with that. I think he proved to us in the offseason and preseason that he can go do that if need be.

On if it was a tougher challenge than normal to get the team past the loss to the Jets:

I think it was. Expectations are higher. Our expectations are higher. So yeah, it was. It was not like 'hey, we will re-group and play this week.' It hurt me. And that is the honest truth—it hurt more. We have work to do to get on the field and go win a game.

On if he senses the community is panicked:

I do not have to sense it, I know it. The fans live and die with us. I understand that. I understand it but I think that the little I saw last year, the excitement I saw last year, I would like to see that again. That is our goal, is to get that back. I know they are disappointed. I am disappointed. Everyone is.

On if he gets more excited for a home opener:

Home openers are good, big and exciting, but I have been in it so long now I know it is the second of 16.

On if the Chiefs' defense does anything different than the Jets:

They are a different football team. They do what they do. They are different than the Jets in a lot of respects. It is really two different for us to go into discussion about.

On his assessment of Chiefs QB Matt Cassel:

Good quarterback. When he is healthy he plays very well. He has had a hard time staying healthy over the last few years, but when he has stayed healthy, and they have stayed healthy around him, he has been a very productive quarterback.

On why people think of Cassel as a young quarterback despite him being 30:

I do not know that. I was with him for about four months and that is all I was with him for. I have a hard time making those kinds of evaluations about where a guy is.

On if he heard what Rodney Harrison said about DE Mario Williams:


On Harrison saying why would Williams come to Buffalo: Well, he is entitled to his opinion.

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