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OBL 6/19: Recognizing Juneteenth: Kim Pegula, Heath Farwell and "The Forgotten Man," Fritz Pollard

As America and the NFL recognize Juneteenth, we took an opportunity to observe, learn, and educate. Bills President and Owner Kim Pegula shared her thoughts on the importance of the holiday, what she expects from this season's anthem protests, and her role in improving racial relations (8:11). Maddy Glab sat down with Bills Nickel Coach Jim Salgado and Medaille World History Professor Nathan Hare to get a background on Juneteenth and what we can do as a nation to improve equality (42:44). Producer/Director Anthony Smith gave us an inside look at the upcoming NFL 360 documentary, "Fritz Pollard: A Forgotten Man" (1:29:37). Finally, Bills Special Teams Coordinator Heath Farwell discussed the communication between players and coaches from these past few weeks, how he looks to improve his unit in 2020, and the offseason additions to his group (1:47:56).

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