Predict the Bills

Predict the Bills


Free-to-Play Winners

Week 10

1st Place: Joseph Gawlik

2nd Place: John Loncz

3rd Place: Cindy Hartner

Week 9

1st Place: Amber Benac

2nd Place: Ken Loncz

3rd Place: Betty Loncz

Week 8

1st Place: Gene Hammond

2nd Place: Maggie Loncz

3rd Place: Amanda Bonafede

Week 7

1st Place: Maggie Loncz

2nd Place: Amanda Bonafede

3rd Place: Andrew Snyder

Week 6

1st Place: Brittney Lorek

2nd Place: Frank Loncz

3rd Place: Eric Snyder

Week 5

1st Place: Cindy Hartner

2nd Place: Roseanne Bonafede

3rd Place: Craig Kroll

Week 4

1st Place: Matthew Benac

2nd Place: Joseph Gawlik

3rd Place: Jennifer Loncz

Week 3

1st Place: Andrew Snyder

2nd Place: Cindy Hartner

3rd Place: Joseph Gawlik

Week 2

1st Place: Joseph Gawlik

2nd Place: Brian Butski

3rd Place: Sarah Pool

Week 1

1st Place: Joseph Gawlik

2nd Place: Gene Hammond

3rd Place: Trisha Griffin