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10 big changes unveiled at Ralph Wilson Stadium


1)A new front door

Preview the massive Ralph Wilson Stadium renovations, unveiled initially at the preseason home opener and set to be completed by the regular season opener on September 14.

If you're big on first impressions, the new Ralph Wilson Stadium welcome won't disappoint. At four times the size of the old Bills Store, the formidable new store sits conveniently on Abbott Road, greeting fans not only as they head into the stadium on Sundays but on every day between.

2)Bills gear heaven


As any good host would, the Bills Store will not just welcome you warmly to the home of the Bills, it will send you away with a parting gift. Inside its modern glass façade and past the larger-than-life wall graphic of QB EJ Manuel lies gear, gear, and more gear. Among the Bills Alex and Ani Bracelets and abundant Nike apparel is even a trio of New Era Bills caps EXCLUSIVE to the Bills Store at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Ask to see under the cap. You won't be disappointed.


Oh, and by the way, the store has extended its hours dramatically, giving you more time to stop and shop: Monday through Saturday: 10 a.m to 9 p.m., non-gameday Sundays: 12 p.m to 5 p.m., gamedays: 9 a.m. until 1 hour after the end of the game.

3)Improved entry


They're called Super Gates for a reason. Just look at them! The number of gates dropped from eight to six with the renovations, but the new Super Gates are more efficient and positioned around Ralph Wilson Stadium based on years of study of the flow of fans on gamedays.

4)Easier navigation


Ditch the map and compass; you'll no longer have a hard time finding your way around the stadium to your seat. The perimeter of the stadium has been pushed out to accommodate better and more pathways, accompanied by new, easy to read signage.

Fun fact: It took 11.1 acres of asphalt to finish the project, parking lots included.



The dimly lit 100-level concourses are no more. At a number of points throughout the level – including at the monumental stairways that replaced the old sets of switchback stairs – natural light comes through, brightening the main channel of Ralph Wilson Stadium.

6)A new bar scene


The Coors Light Sports Bar is just flat out cool. Where the old front office administration lobby used to be, now sits a huge Sports Bar with plenty of taps, food, and places to eat and hang.

7)Concessions aplenty


LaNova, Duff's, Tim Hortons, Pizza Logs, and a slew of new choices in concessions make your gameday a whole lot tastier. With a number of WNY-based options, it doesn't really get more "Buffalo" than this.

8)More screens


Two new video boards were constructed using the screens from the existing video board at the stadium and placed on both indoor clubs on the East End of the Ralph. One will show scores and stats from around the league - both NFL and fantasy - and they other will mirror the bigger boards. Those two boards bridge a third new board to be used for advertising. 


On the opposite end of the field, the existing frame was used to hold a new screen, wider by 60 feet and packing a visual punch.

9)A new home for the Tim Russert Plaza


The commemorative Tim Russert Plaza plaque has been relocated to a prominent location outside of the Bills Store, and the many stones purchased by Bills fans from all over the world in commemoration and celebration have been relocated on the pathway that stretches across the front of the store.

10)A Buffalo Bills gameday to be proud of


The $130 million renovations were designed for the fans, and when the nearly completed stadium is unveiled at the preseason home opener on August 23, then again after the renovations are completely finished for the regular season home opener September 14, Bills fans will have a revolutionized gameday experience and a stadium to be proud of.

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