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3 things we learned from Charles Davis on 'Bills Pod Squad'


CBS analyst and former NFL defensive back Charles Davis joins Bills owner and team president Kim Pegula and multimedia journalist Maddy Glab on the latest episode of "Bills Pod Squad," presented by New York Lottery.

Davis will provide color analysis alongside Ian Eagle during the Bills' wild-card game against the Indianapolis Colts on Saturday. He discusses what he learned about the Bills this season and what he will be watching for this weekend. 

The episode is available now on iTunesSpotify, and Google Podcasts. You can also watch the episode below, on the Bills' YouTube channel, or on the Bills Mobile app, presented by M&T Bank.

Here are three takeaways from their conversation.

1. He'll be watching the Bills' "triangle" on Saturday

Davis pointed out the Colts' run game headlined by rookie running back Jonathan Taylor as an area of focus for Saturday and said he'll be looking to the "triangle" of the Bills defense – two defensive tackles and the middle linebacker – to stop it.

"When you look at Quinton Jefferson, Ed Oliver, Tremaine Edmunds – pretty good triangle," he said. "Now that doesn't mean the rest of the guys don't get involved, because they do. But most teams work inside out, and Jonathan Taylor's going to want to run the ball inside before he gets to the perimeter and get outside. So, that triangle dealing with the front of the Colts … you got power versus power right there in that triangle."

Hear more of Davis' thoughts on the matchup at the top of the interview, which starts at 11:50.

2. His approach to calling playoff football

Davis said his strategy for the playoffs is less about individual storylines and more about focusing on the game itself.

"Everything that's happened along the way is great background and fodder for what we're going to do and it may pop up during the game, but I think people watching that day, they pretty much know the backgrounds of guys," he said.

"They know how they got there, in a sense. I'm not saying there's nothing to be told, but this is about the game. We are now at this point, playoffs, winner goes on, loser goes home. Let's talk about the game, what's happening in front of us."

Scroll through to see the best photos from Buffalo's practice in Bills Stadium as the team prepares for this Saturday's wild card playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts, presented by Pepsi.

3. He thinks Josh Allen is a good candidate for the "Madden" cover

Davis is in his sixth season as an analyst for the EA Sports "Madden" video game series. He details the process that goes into creating the voice track – including input from John Madden himself – around 46:00, prompting a request from Kim to get the Bills quarterback on the cover.

"I don't get to pick any of this stuff, but one of the things you brought up is the 'coolness factor,'" he says. "Josh fits perfectly in terms of that about where he is and how he plays the game. His style of play, his ability to throw it and run it, his backstory, everything that goes along with him."

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