5 things we learned about the offense from offensive coordinator Brian Daboll

Buffalo Bills Week 2 practice at One Bills Drive, September 11, 2019. Photo by Bill Wippert

Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator met with the media on Friday via Zoom conference call to share his thoughts on what's going on in today's world surrounding the topics of racial injustice and inequality. Daboll also commented on new additions to the offense, the virtual offseason and quarterback Josh Allen's growth in leadership as he heads into year three.

1. Building relationships is important to a successful organization

Due to the racial inequality, injustice and social issues in our country right now, Daboll shared the team has had some valuable conversations that extend beyond the x's and o's of football in team meetings. Daboll expressed communication is important to building strong relationships.

"Open communication is a catalyst for change," Daboll explained. "I'm not going to sit up here and pretend to understand what some of my players, some of my friends are going through. I'm here to, to listen, to support them, to let them know that I love them, let them know I have their back, to help lead them and to be involved as much as I can. It's a tough topic. I've had a lot of conversations with guys, some longer than others. I want to let them know that I love them, I have their back. I'm willing to help, my family is willing to help, in any way."

In taking the time to create lasting relationships, Daboll believes a good organization can be formed.

"I think the foundation of a good organization is building relationships," Daboll explained. "This is a people business we're in. There's x's and o's, schemes and challenges along the way and dealing with adversity. But you deal with adversity through building relationships--genuine relationships, loving relationships. My guys know that I got their back. I know they have mine. You don't just come into a room and that happens. You have to develop that over time. Sometimes conversations happen that lead you to become closer. I think transparency is important. I think making sure they know you care about them as people."

2. Daboll believes Jake Fromm is committed to earn the trust of his teammates back

Daboll addressed the text message conversation from Jake Fromm that surfaced on Thursday through social media where Fromm used the term, "elite white people." Fromm issued an apology and spoke to the team Thursday afternoon. Daboll said he thinks Fromm is committed to earning his team's trust back.

"He knows that he has a lot of work to do, to earn the trust of his teammates back," Daboll said. "I'm a big believer in actions speak louder than words. I know he'll be committed to that. We have a strong leadership group, a strong culture in our room. Jake is a young man who apologized. Where we go moving forward, he's got a lot to do to earn the trust and confidence of the players and everyone else in the building back. I know you'll work hard to do that."

3. Daboll eager to see Stefon Diggs in training camp

Daboll hasn't spoken with the media since the Bills traded for Stefon Diggs. The OC loves what he has brought to his team already from a participation and intelligence standpoint.

"Stefon is a good football player, he's a good receiver, he's a good person," Daboll explained. "I'm glad we have him. I've had quite a few conversations with him and trying to develop that relationship I talked about earlier that is so important. We're, we're well on our way of doing that. He's smart, he's been involved in all the meetings."

Daboll is proud to have Diggs join the wide receiver group.

"Can't wait to get back out there to practice and work together," Daboll said. "Give credit to those guys, led by Josh Allen. They were able to go spend some time down there in Florida and do some things together. Happy we have Stefon, he fits well into the room with our other players. I'm looking forward to working with him come training camp."

4. Rookies WR Gabriel Davis, WR Isaiah Hodgins, RB Zack Moss fit DNA of team

Daboll was able to share his thoughts on new rookie additions to the wide receiver room and running back room. The OC believes the size that Davis and Hodgins bring to the table will benefit the team.

"They're bigger guys, size guys," Daboll said. "They were productive at their colleges--UCF and Oregon State. Had an opportunity to watch them on tape, didn't get to go down and work them out. But they are big body guys that can high point the ball, have good ball skills, can make some contested catches. How they fit with us and not seeing them in the roles that we asked them to do would be unfair of me to answer, but I'm happy that we have them. I'm glad that Brandon (Beane), Joe (Schoen) and those guys drafted them because they fit our DNA. Both the type of men they are and really the type of player, tough physical guys that have good ball skills, are not afraid and provide us a little bit of size."

Rookie running back Zack Moss brings toughness to his room.

"Zack was a very productive," Daboll said. "He really did a good job on his college tape demonstrating some of the qualities that we're looking for in a running back. He's tough, hard-nosed, downhill guy that for being a bigger body guy still has the ability to make people miss in short spaces. We really, really like that the toughness that he ran with."

5. Josh Allen has innate leadership qualities

Bills quarterback Josh Allen organized a group meet-up with several of his offensive teammates down in Florida last week. This is just one example of how Allen has grasped onto enhancing his leadership role. Over his first two seasons, Daboll has seen the team rely and lean on Allen's leadership.

"It's important," Daboll said. He's our quarterback. But you can't force leadership, you can improve it. You can learn about it. You can grow from it, but Josh has innate leadership qualities that guys gravitate towards. He understands his role on the team. Not making it more than it is, being one of the guys, being there for the players around him, helping them with the system, getting them together so that they can build that team chemistry. It's not all about football. You'd have to ask his teammates but he's been a fantastic leader for us and it doesn't surprise me."

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