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6 notable quotes from the Bills rookie minicamp


1. McDermott sees the potential for Allen

For the first time, Bills head coach Sean McDermott commented on what he saw from quarterback Josh Allen during rookie minicamp, and he's impressed. Whether it was through learning the system and the drills, or commanding a huddle, McDermott is happy with Allen's first few days wearing the Bills logo.

"I'll start with the classroom first because that's where it starts for us, with command of the offense," said McDermott on Tuesday's episode of One Bills Live. "We've seen a young man that has taken the right approach through the weekend and rookie minicamp. You see the leadership and you see the intelligence. Then when he went to the field, I felt he had great command of the offense, great command of the huddle. I thought he had two solid days of the way he threw the football. Most of it was passing game because of the nature of the camp. We didn't run the ball much, when we did it was few and far between. He had two nice days of camp."

2. Allen already accepts Buffalo as his new home

The Bills picked up Josh Allen with the seventh overall pick in this year's draft. The highest drafted Bills quarterback ever has now already met with Hall of Famer Jim Kelly, and feels a connection with the city.

"Buffalo is a part of me now," said Allen. "I'm going to try and become, obviously, the best teammate possible and the best citizen of Buffalo possible. So, I'm here for the long haul hopefully, that's my plan. I want to be here for 15 plus years."

3. Teller on taking advantage of his opportunity

Like every other player at minicamp, Bills fifth round pick Wyatt Teller wants to be in the starting lineup. Still, he made sure Steve Tasker and everyone else knew that despite that, he is willing to be a team player first and foremost. In an interview with Tasker on One Bills Live, Teller, an offensive guard from Virginia Tech, had this to say.

"The biggest thing right now is to come in and compete," said Teller. "You know, make the guys in front of me better, and if I get a chance, I'll take it."


  1. Edmunds only wants to work and learn**

Over the past few days, the Bills may have learned just how special of player they got in linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. Even with all the potential he has, the 6-5, 250-pound 20-year-old doesn't plan on taking his opportunity for granted. Instead, he expects watch and listen to what the pros on the roster do and say.

"Just coming in and being willing to learn from [the veterans], those guys have been here," said Edmunds. "They're guys that I can learn from, guys that can help me take my game to another level. So, I'm going to respect them, and let's get this thing rolling some more."

5. Phillips has his dream come true

The comparisons are out there on Harrison Phillips and even he has heard them. "Kyle Williams Jr." But the big guy out of Stanford doesn't just have a game similar to the Bills veteran defensive tackle. He's got the heart for the game too. 

"I'm in an NFL organization, I'm a Buffalo Bill and this is really what I dreamed of for 22 years," said Phillips. "To come out here and have an NFL logo on, new number, wear this little symbol with some pride, and so a lot of dreams came true today."

6. Foster finds comradery among the WR group:

Undrafted free agent signing Robert Foster hit the field on Friday with the number eight on his back, looking to work his way on to the roster. He found himself building a bond with his fellow wide receivers that helped push him during the on the field workouts.

"It's been great, we've got a great relationship," said Foster. "Everybody is working together, communicating well and just trying to get the job done. Doing everything the professional way."

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