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'A wild ride' | O'Cyrus Torrence and Dorian Williams describe the pre-draft adventures that led them to Buffalo


G O'Cyrus Torrence 'filled with excitement' to be a Bill

"A wild ride." That's how the newest Bills G O'Cyrus Torrence described his pre-draft process.

The Florida Gator had a formal interview with the Bills at the NFL Scouting Combine, met with them again at the 2023 Senior Bowl, and had a top 30 visit with them at One Bills Drive. So, when he received the call from GB Brandon Beane on Friday night and found out that he would be joining the Bills organization, he shared that he was excited but not really shocked because of the relationship they've built up through the past few months.

"Nerves would be through the ceiling one day, and exciting and nervous all in one," Torrence said. "So, definitely something that I'm gonna remember forever, but also I was able to enjoy it. When I got the call, it just felt right. I didn't know it was Buffalo at the time when I answered it, and they said it was Buffalo, and that's when my heart started beating real fast, and I was like this is it. I'm officially gonna be a Bill, be part of Bills mafia, and that's when it started hitting for real."

Still filled with excitement, Torrence arrived in Buffalo on Saturday afternoon where he met with members of the Bills organization and local media. After soaking up the moment on Friday night with family and friends in Louisiana, Torrence said he's starting to feel more part of the Bills 'special' culture now that he's here.  

"Really just looking forward to what's to come and just being able to see myself in this place in this culture and environment playing with these is kind of been what's on my mind mostly lately, especially after this morning since I got up here it's starting to feel more and more surreal," Torrence said. 

Torrence added: "They're building something very special, and they've been working on it for a while with Coach McDermott. And just the way the whole organization has had a shift over the past couple of years is something I've noticed in this process, and I've been able to from my eyes how or why it's shifting like this, just cause of the pieces that they bring in, the guys they bring in, the coaches and things like this."

When Bills GM Brandon Beane met Torrence on his Top 30 visit, he had a gut feeling that he could fit in Buffalo. And now that he is officially a Bill, Beane said he thinks they'll start him at guard and his best chance to help would probably be inside.

"He's a big man," Beane said. "Size matters up in there when you're facing some of those guys, and we've got some really good D-tackles in this division so having a guy who can anchor versus power, that's probably what he does best. And he's got length to get on guys and hold them off."

And with his second and fifth round picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, Beane has reunited three Florida Gators. The guard will be sharing the field with new Bills WR Justin Shorter again and will be back in the same locker room with CB Kaiir Elam.

"He (Torrence) had some of the biggest, longest fingers I've ever seen in my entire life," Shorter said. "I remember walking up to him and shaking his hand and then his fingers were like, he's just like long, huge, giant hands. But he's just a big guy, strong guy. He's picked me up before and like thrown me, so he's a very strong guy, serious guy. And he definitely puts in work, so I'm very happy to be able to see him out there with me."

Torrence, nicknamed 'Cybo,' plans to lean on what he learned throughout his college career and apply it to the NFL field. Between his time spent at Louisiana and Florida, he shared that every quarterback he's blocked for has been mobile, which will come in handy when blocking for Bills QB Josh Allen.

"In a game situation, I can kind of know when Josh would be rolling out to the left or right because I can feel that defense alignment, instead of them trying to go through me they're trying to go around me or something like this," Torrence said. "So from just the quarterbacks I've played with, I feel like I'm definitely going to be able to protect Josh pretty well because of his play style and I had quarterbacks similar to his play style." 

He added: "I'm looking forward, really looking forward to blocking for Josh Allen, of course," Torrence said. "And some of the other guys that were there, some of the defensive guys that I'm going to be able to go against in practice – it's just a lot of emotions going on right now, but the first thing that came to mind was blocking for Josh Allen. I mean what offensive lineman don't wanna do this?"

From one great culture to another -- LB Dorian Williams is feeling amazing as a Bill

New Bills linebacker Dorian Williams arrived at One Bills Drive this afternoon for his official introduction to his new team. The former Tulane linebacker said his first day on the job was unforgettable.

"It's been amazing," Williams said as he met with local media with his family by his side. "I think they (Williams' family) can attest to that. You can kind of feel the family environment that they have here. That's something rare in a team."

Williams had that family feel during his time at Tulane and is excited to meet his new brothers in Buffalo. The former team captain helped turn around a 2-10 team during his junior season to a 12-2 team in his final collegiate season. His leadership that helped Tulane win a Cotton Bowl is reflected in the way he formed relationships with his teammates.

"We built a brotherhood there and we always play for each other," Williams said of his time with the Green Wave. "I feel like guys play better when you're playing for more than yourself. So, we always play for each other, we never quit on each other and that was something major."

The LB believes he can bring those leadership skills to Buffalo. The players he's looking forward to learning most from – Matt Milano and the safeties in Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde.

"They do a great job and (Milano) does an excellent job at Will linebacker," Williams shared. "So, those are All-Pro guys, learn their study habits, learn what they're trying to see. They'll teach you how the offense is trying to attack you and what they're trying to look at, so that'll be amazing."

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In terms of where he'll play, Williams said head coach Sean McDermott wants him to learn everything.

"He would say Mike, Will, learning those positions will be major this year, especially with Matt (Milano) – he's amazing linebacker, so learning from him and his study habits," Williams shared.

The LB mostly played at the Will spot in college but had the skillset to move around on third downs.

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Williams didn't need an introduction to Bills Mafia as he is already familiar with the passionate fan base thanks to a run in with some fans in New Orleans. 

"I was at a restaurant and Bills fans were like, 'Oh yeah, you played football at Tulane. Yeah, we're gonna draft you in a couple years,'" Williams said of the interaction. "And they actually paid for my meal and everything. So I was like, 'These guys are for real.' You always see it on social media but to see it in real life is an amazing feeling."

After an experience like that, the Tulane product is looking forward to experiencing Bills Mafia during a home game.

When looking back on the pre-draft process, his meetings with teams and more, Williams doesn't want to forget the adventure that led to him becoming an NFL player.

"It's been great living it up, and you're only gonna go through it one time, so you gotta cherish the moments," Williams shared. "There's nothing like hearing your name get called, getting that phone call, finally having that phone ring, it's nothing like that moment."

The former Tulane LB who had over 300 tackles, 9.5 sacks, 27 tackles for loss and 15 passes defensed during his career now has new moments to look forward to as a Buffalo Bill.

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