Band Together. Press Play.




_Let's go Buffalo!  _

These words, simple expressions that when strung together form the beloved Bills "Shout Song," are music to the ears of Bills faithful.

A unifying chant embraced by Bills fans everywhere, this unique battle cry has the power to bond us to one another in a very special and indescribable way.

So much so, that if you hear even a faint whistle of the tune, you can't help but to join in.

No matter where you are.

When recited in unison, the lyrics produce an electrifying sound that is sure to give you chills.

A mainstay of the Bills football tradition, the "Shout Song" is just one of many ways that fans rally to support their team – year in and year out. From a Thurman Thomas touchdown run to a game-winning throw by Josh Allen, the celebratory song has been used since the 1980s and is a staple today.

This season, in honor of the team's 60th anniversary, the Bills will rewind to the past, paying tribute to the players, coaches, staff and fans that have contributed to franchise history,  press play to relish in the present, and fast-forward to the promise of a bright future.

Not only does 2019 signify a milestone in Bills history, it also marks the NFL's centennial celebration – "NFL100."

A season-long initiative, "NFL100" will highlight the legendary individuals and the iconic moments that have changed the game forever, the up-and-comers on the cusp of greatness, and the hopefuls eagerly awaiting their time.

As Head Coach Sean McDermott, General Manager Brandon Beane, and the entire Bills organization, prepare to write the newest verse in the team's storied ballad, they reflect on the feats of those who came before them and the triumphs on the horizon.

This year's marketing campaign is a nod to honoring the past and looking ahead. It encourages all of us to Band Together for the 2019 season and Press Play on an exciting year filled with exhilarating football, unforgettable celebrations and one-of-a-kind events.

Band Together.

Press Play.