Bills bring the heat in-stadium


Jeffrey Hulshoff dressed in layers as he got ready for the November 3rd Kansas City Chiefs game at Ralph Wilson Stadium. On the cold fall day, the frigid temperatures called for a sweatshirt and winter coat if he wanted to last through his morning tailgate.

But as Hulshoff and his wife entered the stadium and made their way to their seats, they began shedding layers until they were donning outfits fit for a summer preseason game. That's because on that 35 degree day, their outdoor sideline club seating was heated from above by the new radiant heaters.

"It was almost below freezing and we took off our heavy coats," Hulshoff said. "I was in a t-shirt. It was so comfortable. The people that we have season tickets with, we were basically giddy. It was so comfortable that we could sit there and watch it outside without getting the least bit cold."

To enhance the gameday experience in the Jim Kelly, Van Miller and Paul Maguire Clubs, a radiant heating system was installed and ready for use during the chilly games of the 2013 season. As the heated seats in those club sections are phased out, the radiant heating structures have been phased in and are providing fans with a warmer and more comfortable environment at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

"The experience was just that much greater," said Hulshoff. "You get more benefit out of the money you're paying for your ticket."

"I like it outside. I like to be in the elements where the players are and the action is, but I like to be a little bit warmer," said Jim Budd, a fellow sideline club season ticket member. "The heat is just nice. We're not directly under the heater but it's plenty warm and we love it."

Budd says his seats used to be in the upper deck, and as they looked for something a bit warmer they're thrilled they "warmed up to the best seats in the house." They still have the outdoor gameday experience they've always enjoyed, but he says now they're "toastier and so comfortable" during those cold-weather games.

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