Bills CB Terrence McGee

Bills Cornerback Terrence McGee

August 17, 2007


On how he is getting used to the right side

At first it was really awkward but now I'm kind of getting used to it.  I've had it for about two weeks so I'm kind of getting used to it.


On whether he likes the right side

I want to be on the field for every play. My preference would be where I've always played on the left side, but if I have to play the right, I'm practicing it and I'm kind of getting used to it so it's not a big deal.


On how frustrating the loss is for him

It's really frustrating. Of course you're in the game to win it, but at the same time we're trying to show the defense that you can't get stopped. We have to overcome how we played today.


On how satisfying it is that the first team defense was able to hold the Falcons at the goal line in the first quarter

It's really satisfying because you don't want your opponent to get into the end zone. You don't want any points there. We did a good job. We wouldn't like to be put in that position, but at the same time when we are, we are making good stops.

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