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Bills Coach Dick Jauron

Bills Coach Dick Jauron

August 17, 2007


Bills Coach Dick Jauron

August 17, 2007


On the game tonight


The biggest thing obviously was the penalties in the game. You can't win a game giving away that much so called hidden yardage. We certainly made too many errors to win. The good news is it's a preseason game. Bad news is we were sloppy. I take the fault for that one. I have to prepare them better. They have to play better. We have to move forward. We have two more preparation games to go and we have a long way to go as you have seen. We have a young team and they look young at times. We have some new guys. We need to be a lot more consistent everywhere. We are counting on our offensive line to be more consistent. We need them more together. We need Melvin (Fowler) back in there. We need to perform better.


On whether he considers tonight's game a setback from last week's performance

You can use those terms. It's another preseason game. It didn't go the way we'd like. We will just move forward. We'll go right past it. We'll correct it. We don't look past our errors. We correct them and move on.


On whether the offense has slowed in finding their identity

Any young team, you're always looking, you know trying to find things. We're two years into it but it's not all together yet. We're still adding a lot of things. We'd like to find exactly what we're good at and stay with that. We don't need to do ten thousand things. We need to do a number of things and do them well.  Do them better and better and better, we've got to get better.


On the offense making a good play and then making a mistake soon after

We just lack consistency really everywhere. Clearly we're not giving up many points and that's a good thing. We're getting turnovers and that is a huge thing for us but we're not capitalizing on it; we're not scoring. We're not consistent on either side of the ball or any given team tonight. We are looking at a lot of people. We are playing a lot of people and that is positive too.


On Ryan Denney

Ryan Denney broke a bone in his foot. There will be some decisions we will have to make there. It's unfortunate for him and for us.





On whether Denney's injury is season ending

I'll have to wait on that one. I'm not certain yet. I'm not sure that Bud and the doctors are certain yet. We know that at the very least he will miss a substantial amount of time.


On whether they will look outside the organization for a replacement in light of the Anthony Hargrove situation

We definitely have to keep looking. We do all the time. It really hit us in a bad spot clearly.


On the decision to play Anthony Hargrove so much

For a number of reasons. We will see what happens once he is into his suspension but at this point if we stop working now that's a long time for him not to be playing football. We'll probably move on and if we can reduce the amount of time he is playing. It makes sense as we get closer to the suspension. At this point there is a chance he will be back with us and so we don't want it be a huge amount of time where he hasn't played any football at all.


On other injuries tonight

Coy (Wire) doesn't know how he got it but he thinks he was kicked in the cap. I believe that was Coy but he was all right. There wasn't anybody else. Donovan (Morgan) was ok. He got the wind knocked out of him. Angelo didn't play. We anticipate Melvin will be back.


On whether or not he liked how Coy Wire played tonight

I always like Coy but yeah, the plays that stood out, yeah. Once again I haven't seen the whole tape, but he's certainly a good player. He makes plays on special teams. He is a tough guy. He reacts very quickly. He'll get you. He's not a giant but he's not small either. He's compact and he packs a punch.


On starting Paul Posluszny and how he looked tonight

I have very select view because from the sideline it's hard to see everything but if I had to guess, I would guess that he made a number of plays. He is still not as quick to react as we need him to be in the scheme. The scheme calls for quick reactions but he's getting better all the time. Clearly we're happy with him. I think as we move along here he will be one of our playmakers. Once again, John DiGiorgio is not giving that job away.

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