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Bills' Edwards, Evans take BP before Yanks-Jays

Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards and wide receiver Lee Evans made a special visit to the New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays game Thursday at Rogers Centre. 

Edwards smacked two homeruns in batting practice before the Yankees and Jays game. "I played a lot when I was growing up," said Edwards. "It's all about pitching and finding the sweet spot on the bat."

Wide receiver Lee Evans lined a few singles in BP. "I hit a couple base hits," said Evans. "That's my game. I'm not for power. One base at a time."

Both players were decked out in black Blue Jays uniforms with their football numbers, and took part in various activities during their visit.

Edwards threw out the ceremonial first pitch to Blue Jays outfielder Vernon Wells. Evans hit a verbal homerun with his 3rd inning PA call when he introduced ex-Buffalo Bison John McDonald as "Johnnnnnny Maaac."

Both players visited with the team before the game and appeared on the scoreboard during the game urging on Blue Jays fans. They spoke on the Jays radio broadcast and joined the Jills Cheerleaders in promotional spots during the game for their December 3rd contest vs. the New York Jets at Rogers Centre.

Edwards and Evans hope to hit some homerun balls when they return to Toronto on December 3rd for their Thursday night game against the Jets.

The team has been working hard in the offseason, had a strong draft, signed several key free agents and the players are ready for camp to begin. The Bills open up their training activities on Monday.

"I'm excited about the guys we brought in," said Edwards. "I'm anxious for the season to get started."

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