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Bills fans congratulate Andre Reed


"You will always be my favorite Bill! Thank you for some great memories! CONGRATULATIONS!!!" – Joe Territo

"Congratulations Andre!!! You were a great receiver and are still a class act. You are one of our own and we couldn't be more proud." – Craig Ackley

"Hello Andre! Congratulations on this big day for you and all Bills fans around the world. I can't believe the voters took this long to come into senses, but they finally did and that's what counts. Thank you for your effort on the field and for all those great memories. Can't believe I'm writing this with teary eyes lol. One of the reasons I started to learn English is because I wanted to be able to read the information on the trading cards I used to collect back when I was a child, and of course most of the cards were of Buffalo Bills players. So in a way you were a motivation to set new goals for my person and I also thank you for that. Regards from Mexico!" –Hector Berrones

"You continue to make me proud to be a Buffalonian! Thank you, and congratulations to you and your family!" -Lisa Treanor

"Andre, As a service member I've watched the Bills on 3 different continents and in 6 different countries. As a kid growing up in Ellicottville, I never missed a chance to watch you catch TDs from Jim... loved every minute of it. For years and in many different places I've scratched my head and felt my heart sink in my chest every time they passed you over despite being one of the primary reasons the team went to 4 straight Super Bowls. Congratulations!!! Took way too long but so many of us are so happy and proud of you... as we have been for many years." –Matt Calarco

"Congrats Andre you inspired me to wear #83 in college. It was an honor watching you play." –Scott Eustace

"Andre, we've been hoping and praying for years that you'd make it into the hall of game. Now that the time has finally come, us bills fans could not be more proud of you. Congrats on all that you have achieved and enjoy your enshrinement in Canton - I know we will!!" –Justin Lamoreaux

"Congratulations Andre! You meant so much to the 90's Bills! Please don't cry at the ceremony, if you cry, I'll cry!" –Mark Wilson

"My family has had bills season tickets for 49 years. My fondest memories are attending bills games with my dad and watching you and your teammates. You are a hall of famer on and off the field...congratulations from Boston, MA." –Mary Power

"Congratulations Andre! You were my all time favorite player. You inspired me to play football in high school. I even penciled in a mustache on a shirt I had of you cuz they didn't print it with one. Thank you for throwing a football to my son at Merritt Winery a couple years ago. Meant a lot for my boyhood hero to interact with my son like that. He remembers it while we watched you on NFL am the other day. We r Def taking trip to Canton. See u there. Congrats!!" –Gregory Gier

"Congrats Andre....long time coming man. I have been a bills fan for 28 years and will be until I pass. I loved watching you and the rest of the bills play. You're the best at your position in my book. Again congrats. Look forward to the 2014 season." -SSG Christopher Stauffer US Army

Bills WR Andre Reed receives his Gold Hall of Fame jacket on Enshrinement weekend in Canton.

"Well deserved honor for a great player and class gentleman. Had the honor of meeting you during Fredonia camp. Bills fans will always fondly remember you along with Jim, Thurman, James, Bruce, and Marv. Now you will be remembered by all. Thank you for your contributions to WNY. We are still so proud of our Super Bowl teams. We are proud of you." –Bob Cleary

"So happy for you 'Dre! Congrats!!" –Rob Flannery

"Congrats Andre! It took way to long for this moment, but as the old saying goes good things happen to those who wait. I can't wait to get your jersey now! I will add it to my Kelly and Thurman collection. The big three! Congrats again man! All the best to you and your family!" –Derek Gehrmann

"Congratulations Andre on your selection to the Hall of Fame. Your remarkable talent, class and grace were surely your gateway into immortality. You played in a small market but had a big impact on some very successful Super Bowl teams. You always exuded the utmost approach of "team first" and you ensured the Bills were thrilling to watch and brought countless memories to Orchard Park. You are most deserving of your selection. God Bless You!" –Mike Chaffie

"I got your autograph at a Hills store in Amherst I think it was at age 12. I'm 33 now. You were my favorite hero on a team full of them! I would pretend to be you playing football in the snow or grass with friends and especially during Bills games when at halftime my Dad and I would go out and throw. Kelly to Reed....TD!!!! Thank you and Congrats!! Its about time!!" –Patrick Rogers

"I own two Bills jerseys: Your away jersey and your home jersey. I have tons of your sports cards encased in plastic and since I was 11 years old, I have been one of your biggest fans. My uncles taught me the game, they are all Washington fans, it was you that made me a Buffalo Bills fan and I will never forget watching you play. Thanks for turning this Canadian into an American Football fan and for making the sport amazing to watch!!! Congrats Andre, you deserve this so much! PS - today's my birthday and the best present was this announcement!!!" –Amanda Howard

"Congratulations Andre Reed. I was in Rich Stadium for all your home playoff games including the greatest comeback game from the kickoff to the fantastic finish!! I was there when they put you on the Wall of Fame and this season for the wall ceremony. Finally the rest of the NFL recognizes your dedication and commitment for all those years. You have always been number one in my heart. Now I just have to figure out how to get to Canton on August 2!!" –Joni Bartell

"Congrats Andre. You always were an iconic figure to me. When I was 10 at the Kelly camp you drove me around in your golf cart introducing me as your brother because of our last names. Well brother, you deserve this moment. Way to represent Buffalo nation proudly!" –Dave Reed

"My man Andre!! Congratulations on being enshrined to Canton! Well deserved. I didn't get the privilege to watch you growing up but I have watched old tapes of the Bills' glory days in the early 90's. You were a huge part of those teams and it's been a long time coming that you make it to the Hall Of Fame! I can't wait to hear your speech and the big smile you will have when the moment comes when they announce your name as a new Hall Of Fame member. Go Bills and God Bless." –Matt Poulton

"Well deserved and worth the wait. Every short crossing route and big hit you took paid off in the end. Congratulations from Melbourne, Australia." –Paul Hodgson

"Andre, congratulations on your Hall of Fame induction. I no longer live in Buffalo, but run one of the largest Bills Backers clubs in Nashville, TN. We love our Bills and love our Super Bowl Teams. You guys always handled yourselves with class. I knew it would be only time that you would be inducted into the HOF because of all of your accomplishments. We even shared the voting site to make sure you got recognized. What I'm trying to say is, you deserve all the praise and you have many fans across the country. Congratulations you deserve the HOF and everything that comes with it!" –Mary Dillon

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