Bills fans line up early to start home opener weekend


Look up and down Southwestern Blvd. and Abbott Rd. in Orchard Park and you're sure to see a big long line of campers lined up on the street. There's no place Bills fans would rather be than right here, right now.

RV's backed up all the way down Southwestern, can't wait till tomorrow!! — Kraig Urbik (@kraigurbik) September 7, 2013

Starting this morning, the Bills camper lots officially opened for the 2013 season, as thousands poured in, driving their decked-out Bills RV's to start tailgating early for the opener.

"I've been a season ticket holder for 6 years," said Bills fan Michael Dmowski. "This is the best place on Earth. There's nothing like it!"

Bills fans in line and in the lots are re-charged, as their excitement for tomorrow is contagious.

"We're so excited to see EJ Manuel and Coach Marrone in action," said Bills season ticket holder Eileen. "Of course C.J. Spiller too!"

"We can't wait to see EJ Manuel," said Ontario season ticket holders Evelyn and Ken Martin. "We have a great group of people who we've met out here tailgating. We all get together as family. First thing of the day is a 'Go Bills' cheer!"

"This is my 24th year as a season ticket holder," said Don Pitts. "I get excited every year. This is the time to get excited. I think Marrone is bringing some enthusiasm. I'm also excited to see EJ Manuel play."

Although some Bills fans had a long wait to get parked and settled into the lots, Tim Hortons made sure they were well stocked with goodies. Members from the Buffalo Bills Business Development department, Billy Buffalo and the Tim Hortons Cup were on-site, handing out Tim Hortons donuts and coffee to the first tailgaters of the 2013 season, thanking them for being a part of this new Bills era.

"This is awesome," said Bills season ticket holder Michael. "We've never seen this before. It's great to see Tim Hortons and the Buffalo Bills out early with us too."

"This is amazing," Eileen told "We've been dying for our coffee!"

"It's amazing to receive Tim Hortons this morning. It's been a long wait," said Ken Martin.

The home opener is a holiday here in Buffalo, as fans flock from all over to watch their favorite team. For Bills tailgaters, Saturday is the perfect day to kickoff home opener weekend.

"We get here early so that we can park with our friends," Don told "I began around 5:20 this morning. We like to get our group together early, and it works out great."

We can't wait to see all Bills fans tomorrow as we take on the New England Patriots right here at the Ralph.

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