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Bills fans welcome Rex Ryan


Bring it home Rex. We're all counting on you. This means more to Buffalo than you know. You have a giant task ahead of you and the city of Buffalo is behind you every step of the way. Make us proud and bring that Super Bowl home for all of us and for the ones that are no longer with us. Just get the job done.
-Justin T.

Excited to have you. Been a Bills fan for almost 30 years and have never been more excited about a HC hire. Looking forward to having a coach with passion and a unquenchable desire to win. Welcome Rex Ryan!
-Corey J.

Welcome Rex to the greatest fan base in the League. I'm so glad you're here training camp can't get here fast enough!.
-Donald J.

Welcome to Buffalo! For the first time in 15 years, I have hope for the playoffs! I am president of the Tri-State Buffalo Bills Backers and we have a solid group who are 100% behind you and LOVE OUR BILLS!
-Bill T.

Rex I just wanna say thank you for choosing our team as your new and hopefully final/permanent destination. As a 19 year old season ticket holder who hasn't been around to enjoy the glory days or even witness and understand a Bills playoff game, you have created a whole new level of excitement for me. Can't thank you enough and you have only been here a couple of days. I wish you the best of luck and please bring this city a championship.
-Richard K.

Welcome! Anyone who has ever lived in the 716 area has loved it! I hope you and your family will grow to love living in WNY too! My late father was an original season ticket holder and a member of the Quarterback Club. I think he would be excited today too!
-Anna L.


Welcome to the Buffalo Bills. The best fan base and most loyal in the league! Bring us to the promise land!! Buffalo has been waiting faithfully for 15 years to reach the playoffs. Go Bills!! Billsmafia!!!
-James L.

Welcome to Buffalo Rex! I can't wait for the team to be under your control next season! I see playoffs in the future and I have faith you will take us there! We are all 100% behind you! Good Luck next season!
-Justin S.

I've been a Bills fan for 25 years. I've seen Rex at the Jets training camp in Cortland a few times, and I believe he brings an energy to the team that the Bills have been lacking for a long time. Welcome to the Bills Rex, now let's win some games!
-Russ S.

I'm so happy to have you as our HC. With you guiding the players and a great front office team led by the Pegulas, there are only great things ahead. We won't just be a playoff team next year... but for the foreseeable future.
-Jeri D.

I can't tell you how excited I am as well as the rest of the Bills fans to have you as our HC. Behind you 100 percent, can't wait to watch our Bills in January. We used to have season tickets. We are from Canada and we are getting season tickets this year. That excited. Welcome Rex and GO BILLS!!!
-Marc L.

Thanks to the Pegulas for stepping up for all of the fans, and most importantly for our beloved team. Coach Ryan I know you will make us proud. Congrats BILLS NATION...
-Charlie S.

Welcome Rex!! We are pumped and looking forward to the 2015 season!
-Lyn K.

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