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Bills haunted musuem ghost hunt

You've seen a place like it in nearly every movie involving the paranormal - an ominous building with a bizarre history that is now visited by the spirits of those long passed.

Buffalo's Iron Island Museum is just such a place, having opened in the late 1800s as a church before going abandoned for a short time, all en route to becoming a funeral home in its final days. 

Just before Halloween, a handful of current Bills players made their way to the Museum to check out the hauntings - as featured on TVs Ghost Lab and Ghost Hunters - for themselves. From unexplained voices to hearing footsteps in a seemingly-empty attic, the Bills got a firsthand look at the great beyond. Our cameras were on hand to document it all.

What happened to Fred Jackson in the attic? And what about that flashlight that turned on all by itself? What could that have been?

Watch the video and judge for yourself.  

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