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Bills introduce Top 10 Performance Series will unveil, for the first time ever, a Top 10 Performance Series with expert analysis from the Bills coaching staff. Beginning on Tuesday, June 14th, will begin a 10-part video series on the Top 10 individual Bills player performances of 2010.

Bills coordinators and position coaches will break down the game tape of the biggest plays turned in by individual players from the 2010 season.

Bills quarterbacks coach George Cortez will lead off the series as he explains to Chris Brown, Bills lead journalist, why Ryan Fitzpatrick was so successful on each of the big plays he turned in during Buffalo's Week 7 overtime thriller at Baltimore.

The second video installment which will air on Thursday, June 16th, features offensive line coach Joe D'Allesandris who breaks down offensive lineman Eric Wood's rock solid performance against Detroit's defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh in Week 10. An excerpt from the film room breakdown is below:

CB: "Okay coach, we have a 2nd-and-10 situation here and again Wood locks up Suh and has him a little perturbed by the end of this play."

JD: "This is an inside zone play. That was a play that we felt we could use in this game based on the variety of defenses that they came with and we prepared for. Eric is the point of attack blocker and he squares up on Suh. Suh wants to get width and Eric applies horizontal stretch to create more width for the play for Fred (Jackson) to find multiple holes."

CB: "And at the end of this play you could see Suh getting frustrated."

JD: "Eric knew what buttons to push and I think he was out to prove something that day to himself."

The Top 10 Performance Series is a unique and rare opportunity to sit over the shoulder of Buffalo's assistant coaches as they lay out why their players were so successful in some of their best games from last season.

Other players profiled include running back Fred Jackson, wide receiver Stevie Johnson, defensive tackle Kyle Williams and more. It all starts on Tuesday, June 14th in the Media Center on and will run each Tuesday and Thursday through the end of July.

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