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Bills Life: Behind-the-scenes with the Edmunds family


1. Behind-the-scenes with the Edmunds family

If there's one thing Tremaine Edmunds and his family understand, it's football.


Although he was just drafted, the Bills rookie linebacker is no stranger to the NFL. Growing up in Danville, Virginia, with former NFL Pro Bowler Ferrell Edmunds as a father, Tremaine and his two brothers, Trey and Terrell, have always had a keen understanding of what it takes to make it at a professional level. With guidance from Ferrell, who spent seven years as a tight end for the Dolphins and Seahawks, and their mother Cookie, the Edmunds boys have taken steps to solidify their own legacies.  

As depicted in NBC Sports Washington's four-part miniseries "E-Boyz," the close-knit family has always leaned upon one another for support and friendly competition. Growing up, Trey, Tremaine and Terrell, were all extremely talented athletes and used each other's success as fuel. With all three brothers now in the NFL, it's evident that their upbringing helped shape them into who they are today.

To go behind-the-scenes with the Edmunds family and to learn more about their unique story, watch the miniseries here.

Photos of Bills first round draft picks QB Josh Allen and LB Tremaine Edmunds on their first day at One Bills Drive. Draft Coverage is presented by ECMC

2. Thurman Thomas: Hall of Famer turned prankster

While best known for his impressive football skills, Thurman Thomas recently showed fans a different side of himself. During a recent trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Thomas took a page out of Ashton Kutcher's "Punked" playbook and proved he can be quite the prankster.

Disguising himself as a museum volunteer named "John Kelly," for an episode of "Undercover Bust," Thomas greeted guests visiting the famous attraction. While showing them around, Thomas asked them questions before revealing his identity in front of his enshrinement.

3 .Yarbrough's fishing frenzy

Bills defensive end Eddie Yarbrough is a man of many talents. From his work on the football field, to playing the ukulele, Yarbrough makes time to make sure he is well-rounded. After taking a trip to Arkansas, it was clear that the second-year Bill has another hobby to add to his list – fishing.

"I've been fishing since I was born and [I have] a huge family," he said. "Everybody comes out and it's a ton of fun."


4. Newhouse joins Good Morning Football

Veteran tackle Marshall Newhouse made his way to the Good Morning Football set in New York City on Friday morning. Sitting down at the breakfast table with hosts Kay Adams, Nate Burleson, Peter Schrager and Kyle Brandt, Newhouse discussed his new home in Buffalo and what makes it a special place to play. The eight-year pro also dished about the 2010 NFL Draft when he was selected by the Green Bay Packers and later went on to win a Super Bowl with the club.

5.Southern Tier Brewing Company's Bills Speaker Series kicks off with visit from McDermott

This year's Bills Speaker Series, presented by Southern Tier Brewing Company, kicked off on Thursday, May 3, with a visit from Head Coach Sean McDermott. The event, held in Buffalo's team meeting room, marked the first of four installments that will take place throughout the year. With over 130 Bills Club Seat Members in attendance, the group had the opportunity to hear from McDermott firsthand.

The evening included dinner, as well as a Q&A session hosted by Radio Voice of the Bills John Murphy. Throughout the event, participants discussed the recent NFL Draft and learned more about Buffalo's upcoming season.

For information on how you can become a member, click here.



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