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Bills Mafia's unwavering support earns national praise


You can't talk about the Buffalo Bills without talking about their loyal fanbase, Bills Mafia.

One takeaway from the 2022 season was the constant dedication, love, and support that the Bills received from the entire city of Buffalo and all of Bills Mafia throughout the adversity-filled season.

"Our town was put in a spotlight for a lot of wrong reasons because of Damar Hamlin's tragedy, Kim Pegula, Luke Knox, Jefferson Avenue, and our fanbase and our city have risen to it on every occasion," former Bills WR Steve Tasker said on One Bills Live. "We have shown ourselves to be selfless, empathetic, full of grace, love, mercy, and forgiveness and I'm very proud of our city for doing that and our fanbase."

The city was there to lift up their hometown team amidst a Buffalo blizzard, and the team responded with similar support when a mass shooting struck Buffalo's East Side community. CBS Sports NFL Analyst Bill Cowher gave credit to the Buffalo Bills and praised the entire city of Buffalo for the way they came together during the many challenges they've faced in the last eight months.

"Damar Hamlin was real. That was in their locker room," Cowher said. "You talk about having to move a game from Buffalo to Detroit. It's been one thing after the next … This city of Buffalo, they've been very very resilient. Very proud you should be of this football team because they represent the very best of what our country is about. There's humility up there, resiliency up there, there's commitment, there's a sense of purpose with what they do."

Even though the season ended earlier than everybody had hoped, the team will continue to win thanks to their committed fans.

"I don't want anybody to forget how difficult it was for our team to play as well as they did down the stretch," Tasker said. "To go out the way they did yesterday, okay. On a deeper level, I think we've proven our team and our city to be something special, and that's something we can all be proud of."

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