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Bills QB JP Losman

Bills Quarterback J.P. Losman

August 17, 2007


On his length of playing-time

If there wasn't two minutes left in the half, we weren't going to get it. That's what we were told. But considering the way things were going, we just went in there for another series at the end. No surprises.


On the offense trying to find an identity

I don't think we're trying to find an identity. I think players know what we're capable of and what we're good at. We're calling some of the same plays just to get them read, just to, kind of, get a rhythm. Obviously we're not gate-planning it or anything like that. We had some things today coming up. We had a new center, some new calls, different voices. I think the old offensive line is still trying to feel their way as far as working with each other, just hearing each other's voices. It's not as clear as in practice. There's some mumbling going on. And if we can get used to that, maybe it will get better as we go on.


On this game compared to the Saints game

Step back? No. I really don't think it was a step back. I think, as far as the penalties go, yeah, you want to clean those up. You go back and turn the film on, and you can look at them yourself, and sometimes something gets thrown because it flashes in front of a referee. And it wasn't really a penalty. Other than that, off-sides, or what have you, need to be cleaned up.


On Marshawn Lynch

I saw some excitement there. Some quickness. A kid who was just itching to get his hands on the ball. Trying to hide him a little bit- trying to protect him. I think we are with everybody with the way we're doing our protections, some of the plays we're calling. We're just trying to protect everybody and trying to get to that first game. We'd like to get into a rhythm obviously before our first game. It's just another preseason game under our belt.


On how far they have to go

There's a long way to go. You can get a lot accomplished in two weeks. We have a lot of practices. And, like I said with the penalties, we just have to clean that up. We have a new center in there, just a little different. I'm not saying it's bad or good, just a little different.

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