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Bills RB Marshawn Lynch

Bills Running back Marshawn Lynch

August 17, 2007


On how he felt with more playing time

I felt great.  It's always good to get a little more action like I did tonight.  I have to say I wasn't pleased with my performance, but I had a lot of fun out there.


On why he wasn't pleased with his performance

It's always something you think about that you could've done better. I just feel on a couple of them plays I could've pass protected better.


On how anxious he was to get a few more carries after just 2 last week

I knew it was going to come to me. So I just roll with the punches.


On his admitted missed assignments

You know out there you get caught in the moment and you don't make the cut you want to make. You make it and it's on instinct. You just got to roll with it.


On his recovering a fumble

I told J.P that I beat him to the ball and he's kind of slow. He said no I got your back I was getting the guy off you. Just being aware of a play like that in case something goes wrong you have be alert.


On being anxious to get 30 touches in a game

That's a whole different ball game right there. I'm waiting to see what's going to happen and be ready.


On his ability to pick up the blitz

In that situation I was calm. I just relaxed and made that block.

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