Bills react to the OT win in Arizona

Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

On thoughts of the Cardinals game-tying field goal:

"We saw him hit that 49-yard one earlier in the game, so we could tell he had a strong leg. I thought with 61 yards he maybe had a chance, but he nailed it. It was crazy. We had a chance with plenty of time go out there and win the game. Unfortunately, we got the sack on the first play and then we just tried to run out the clock."

On feeling fortunate about the win:

"There were a lot of breaks that went our way and some that went their way. It was just one of those games that we were up and down. We came out here with one goal, and that was to win. In the NFL you celebrate those victories, because we know they're tough to come by. We put a lot of work in this week. In general, our whole organization put a lot of work into this week. This was a very satisfying win for us. Not only to get us back on track, but with the way that everything's been going throughout the week and the way we have come together as a team, it was a fitting ending to the game."

On the sense of relief from winning the game:

"It's a lot more excitement and our guys are fired up more than anything. Like I said, winning in the NFL is hard. The guys that have been around this league for a long time know you take them how you can get them."

On his thoughts on their play calling:

"You'll have to ask Chan (Gailey) about that one. As players we try to go out there and execute whatever is called. If it's the right play or the wrong play, you try to make it the right play."

On coming home to Arizona:

"I got to spend some time at my house out here. I got to spend some time at my parents' house. It was nice for me to able to relax a little bit. You don't get that during the season at all, especially during a game week. It was nice for me to get out here. Waking up to sunshine and blue skies, I think everybody has a deep appreciation for Arizona now."

On the team's mental toughness:

"It doesn't get any tougher than that. In terms of really getting knocked down at the end of that game a couple different times, and coming back making the plays we did to win that game, I think that says a lot about our toughness."

On keeping Stevie Johnson in the game mentally:

"I think communication is big with me and Steve (Johnson). I don't know if it was any more or less today, but I think it's important. He's a guy that is so emotional. He wants the ball on every play. It's important to talk about some stuff, to make sure I'm seeing the same thing he is. We talk about how he's covered. That's probably what a lot of it was today."

On their running game:

"That was huge for us today. There were a lot of tough yards. You have to credit Chan (Gailey) for that. The guys up front had been beat up. There were different guys in different positions. The way they handled all that today was great."

Bills WR Stevie Johnson

On how he would describe the emotions in the locker room postgame:

"We are all excited, because of how things went the past couple weeks. To come out here and come together like we did and play a game like that is pure excitement for the guys internally. Not just verbally rah-rah, but inside it feels good for us coming through like that."

On if he would say the win brought a sense of relief because of their recent struggles:

"It does.  We feel like that it was a great game on both sides. That's not just your average team over there. They fought back and had a chance to win and we played big. (Alex) Carrington got his hand on the ball and gave us another chance. That's the type of football that we can play, and we can play even better than that."

On it being an interesting game with all the swings of momentum:

"Yeah, but that's how the NFL is. Every week you never know and you have to keep working."

On playing through their struggles:

"That's how it is. You have to be ready for whatever. We have to be able to put two halves together. If we play two halves, we should have a chance to win. Nothing is perfect but you have to play through it. That's pretty much it. You're going to get frustrated and everything but you have to play through it. You have to remember nobody's perfect, and we just have to keep playing two halves like we did today and we should be alright."

Bills RB Fred Jackson

On how he felt today:

"It felt good to get back out there. I definitely feel like I can move around more, so that was good and I'll hopefully be able to build from there."

On if he feels like he's at full form:

"I still have some work to get there. It's not 100 percent yet, but it's a lot better as long as I continue to work on it. Hopefully it continues to get better and I`ll have no snags."

On what the win meant with their recent struggles:

"We knew it was going to be a hard fight to win this game. It showed up all the time in this game. They hit a 61-yard field goal. You can easily hang your head right there. They get an opportunity to hit a chip shot, you could hang your head right there, but we didn't. We kept fighting. We knew if we got the opportunity we would take advantage of it, and we were able to do so."

On if there was a benefit to the team being on the road trip together for the whole week:

"I think so. Guys had to lean on each other while we were out here and we had to lean on each other during the game. Defense, special teams, and offense played well. I think guys are growing up and coming together."

Bills DE Mario Williams

On Chan Gailey showing confidence in the defense by punting on the first drive in overtime:

"We were going to get it done. Out mentality was totally different today and we needed that. We needed to be consistent. We had to go out there and let him know that if he put it in our hands, we would get it done."

On how bad the team needed the win after their recent struggles:

"Being here the whole week and being around each other every day with no distractions, just putting that against the world mentality, we needed it big time. They're a great team. They're 4-1. They beat some great teams out there. The biggest thing for us is it's all about what have you done for me lately. For us, to be .500 now, we just have to take it one game at a time and keep going."

Bills DT Alex Carrington

On blocking the potential game-winning field goal as time expired:

"I got it pretty good. When I went out there, I told them that we were going to rush them with everything we have. I had Marcell (Dareus) beside me and (Kelvin) Sheppard behind me in the gap pushing Marcell, and we just got under their pads and I was able to get a hand up and get a piece of it."

On how it felt to block the kick:

"It was crazy because I think it hit both poles. I thought it was still going to go in. It was unbelievable."

On the blocked kick possibly changing their season:

"I wouldn't necessarily put it on that play. There were a lot of big plays in the game. CJ (Spiller) had an incredible run at the end. I can't just put it on that play."

On his thoughts before the potential game-winning kick after Jay Feely just hit a 61-yarder:

"We just tried to give it all we had. The game was on the line. We had to do something."

On Chan Gailey's faith in the defense:

"He showed faith even when we hadn't played well. We knew we had to come out. We knew the game was going to come down to the end. He was saying play fast all week, play hard all week because our last two second halves the past few weeks haven't been that great. As a team, we fought the whole game."

On having fight through the end of the game:

"We had to. We had to, and we did."

Bills OLB Bryan Scott**

On if the win was pretty:

"Of course not. There were parts that were ugly. There were those highs and lows, but we said if we stay even keeled and finish through four quarters, and we even had to take it to overtime, good things happen."

On the win being a relief:

"That was a huge relief. The last two weeks, just to have those losses in your mouth, it hurts. You can't sleep at night. To get this win and to go back home and now Tennessee is up next. This was a start of something very positive."

On the way the Bills got to 3-3 being weird:

"It definitely is. But again, when we go back and watch the film, yes those losses are ugly, but when we watched the film, there was nothing that was not correctable. When you get those things corrected you can see what the results will be."

On Chan Gailey showing faith in the defense:

"He has the upmost confidence in us and we have the upmost confidence in him. When he sent us on the field, he had been talking about it all week, saying it would come down to the defense winning the game. So when he sent us out there, that was saying 'I believe in you guys,' and we stepped up."

On the defensive improvements this week:

"Obviously it was just little things, just little things like missed tackles. In this game we did have a few missed tackles, but if you tackle well then you get in your gap and create pressure."

On the feeling of winning:

"It's a great feeling and these guys are so resilient. You put in so much work and there is so much camaraderie and fellowship between us. We really stuck together because we really had that mentality of us against the world."

Bills DE Chris Kelsay

On the team mentality:

"Every sudden change, every situation we find ourselves in we don't get down, we help each other up and just continue to play. I don't think my heart can take much of that, but it was a fun game. There was never any doubt in anyone's mind, I don't think, that we were going to lose that game, and it showed."

On if he thought Jay Feely was going to make the 38-yard game-winning kick:

"Statistics says that he won't, but we know that we have a really good field goal block team. We had an all-out block on and just turned it loose. We had been getting good push all game and Alex (Carrington) got his hands up and tipped it a little bit. He's just an athlete."

On the defensive performance being personal:

"Absolutely. We've played horrendous for two halves of football. We didn't want to be identified by those two halves. We knew we had an opportunity to come out here and gain some respect, but we have a long way to go."

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