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Bills season-ticket holders return from Chicago after once-in-a-lifetime experience


Buffalo Bills season ticket holders Dennis and Judith Davidson had an experience of a lifetime when they were randomly selected by the Bills to head to this year's 2015 NFL Draft in Chicago.

"It was above what we expected," Judith recalled. "Way above. You know, just getting to the airport, and getting to the hotel and have a car service. It was wonderful to have that car service."

When Judith and Dennis arrived they toured around to see the lay off the land then at night they went to the bar where they had their own meet-and-greet with fan representatives from the other NFL teams.

"We all became fast friends," Judith said. "It was like immediate." "What works is we all had Bills stuff on and they had their teams' apparel on, so there were no mistakes as to who was with who," Dennis said. "It was interesting; everyone knew that they were there for the same reason. It was instant bonding."

Judith and Dennis also met NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and were more than impressed.

"He is from Jamestown; he was so gracious and he didn't mind posing for pictures like 20 times," Judith said with a laugh. "He treated everyone the same and really made it a wonderful experience."

"I have a new respect for the NFL and what they do," Judith said. "You actually get to see what they go through to present the jersey and to (have draft prospects) walk the Gold Carpet."

Dennis and Judith  also were able to see how the names were placed on the back of the jerseys just prior to them being presented to the draft picks. In addition, they ran into a legend by the name of Jim Kelly.

"Being from New England he was the enemy," Dennis said. "But when he is yours, he is *your *guy. To see him interact, it was a great thrill. This guy is a Hall of Famer, a good man. He has gone through a lot and to take the time to meet and greet with Judy and I was just awesome."

Kelly doesn't just resonate with Buffalo fans, but fans from all over.  

"All these other people who weren't from Buffalo, they just wanted a piece of Jim," Dennis said. "We just stepped to the side and it was just amazing, but these people were just enamored to have an opportunity to be with Jim Kelly."

"There were a lot of Bills fans out there, I was surprised," Judith recalled. Then, again, the Bills do have the best fans in the NFL. Judith and Dennis left Chicago with valuable experience, new Bills gear, a once-in-a-lifetime experience ... and serious bragging rights.

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