Bills Season Ticket Member Fantasy League winner receives memorable VIP experience


You don't have to play fantasy football to know how popular it's become. In fact, if you've ever talked to someone who does take part, it's common to hear them passionately say that they're in several leagues.

This is certainly the case for Bills Season Ticket Member Tanner Gregoire. A four-year Season Ticket Member, Gregoire has participated in the Bills Season Ticket Member Fantasy Football League for the last three years. In addition to his commitment to that league, he's also in 11 others!

A fun way to stay on top of what's happening around the NFL and engage with new people, Gregoire takes his fantasy football pretty seriously. The 2018 Bills winner, Gregoire was treated to a VIP experience at Bills Training Camp, presented by Connors and Ferris, in Rochester, New York this summer to celebrate.

A Lockport, New York native, it wasn't Gregoire's first time at camp, but it was one of his most memorable. Bringing his fiancé, cousin and uncle along for the ride, the group started the afternoon off with a behind-the-scenes experience with Bills Owner/President Kim Pegula at the Bills Speaker Series. Provided with food and beverage, along with an unmatched atmosphere and conversation, Gregoire and company were thrilled as they learned more about the state of the team from Pegula.

While at St. John Fisher, Gregoire got to stand on the sidelines and watch as head coach Sean McDermott and the Bills prepared for the upcoming regular season. Afterward, he was happy to come away with a few autographs from Bills players.

"[My favorite part of the day was], seeing everyone up close in person [and] realizing how big they are [when you're] two feet away from them, five feet away from them. They're walking out of the tunnel and everything. Seeing how the Bills are doing [is awesome]. I know it's training camp, but you still get a pretty good general idea of what they're looking like."

Along with a chance to win experiences like Gregoire had at camp, the Season Ticket Member also cited meeting new people as a highlight of playing in the league. He's even made a few friends along the way.

His love for connecting with others is also what he thinks makes being a Bills Season Ticket Member so special.

"All the perks, benefits and just the atmosphere. [I] love meeting new people. [I] love the tailgating atmosphere – it's a great time," said Gregoire.

"It's the fan base. We have the best fans in the world," he elaborated. "There's nothing better than hanging out with them."

Are you a Season Ticket Member looking to join the Bills Season Ticket Member Fantasy Football League? Be on the lookout for an email invitation or contact your Bills Account Representative!

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