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Bills show team unity with pre-game demonstration


On a day where the game of football took a back seat to players and NFL organizations speaking out against divisive comments made by the nation's President, the Buffalo Bills were part of league-wide demonstrations during the national anthem.

Bills players and coaches stepped out onto the field of play instead of toeing the sideline during the playing of the national anthem. A bunch of players knelt together for the anthem with a row of players and coaches lined up behind them.

Most of the players and coaches standing had their arms interlocked during the anthem.

It was important for the Bills players and coaches that their display represent unity, love and equality.

The demonstration came after an organizational meeting was held Saturday night to address the comments made by President Trump and to open a dialogue on the subject and how best to address the issue in a respectful and thoughtful manner.

Owners Terry and Kim Pegula were in attendance at that meeting before issuing a team statement late last night.

The Denver Broncos also had a mixture of players taking a knee and standing while the anthem was performed. Their standing players and coaches also had interlocked arms.

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