Bills Sign Schobel To Multi-Year Extension

After Chris Kelsay signed a lucrative contract extension to remain with the Bills instead of becoming a free agent this offseason it was only a matter of time before Buffalo addressed Aaron Schobel's contract.

With the NFL's market value for premier defensive ends rising at an ultra-quick pace, the Bills stepped up to the plate to provide one of their most productive players with an appropriate raise.

"We want to keep our good players," said Bills Vice President of Football Administration Jim Overdorf.

"Well obviously I had three years left on my deal so they didn't have to do anything," said Schobel. "So I appreciate what Mr. Wilson and the organization did. It's good for both of us."

Buffalo's top pass rusher has 26 sacks over the past two seasons and was selected to his first Pro Bowl last season. He signed the contract before tonight's preseason game with the Tennessee Titans.

"I think it comes down to productivity," said Kelsay. "You're going to take care of the guys that you're winning games with, that are working hard for you and playing their guts out for you. Obviously Aaron's productivity made him deserving of what he got."

Schobel chose to handle his contract situation privately instead of making a public stink as is often the case with other prominent NFL players.

"That's sort of my personality and the way I wanted to do it," he said. "I didn't want to make it bigger than it should have been and it worked."

Schobel said the main body of the contract was complete at the start of training camp, but because it was a bit different from typical contracts it took time to iron out all the details.

"It's set up so I'm protected and basically my base salaries have been bumped and they're guaranteed throughout the first three years," Schobel said.

The extension virtually ensures that Schobel will finish his career where it started when the Bills made him a second-round pick in 2001.

"He wanted to finish his career here and we wanted to keep him here," said Overdorf. "We just felt that the way you do that is by signing him long term."

"I like it here," said Schobel. "It's my kind of style, small town guy. I like the organization and I like the fans and I like this lifestyle so it works for me."

And aside from helping the Bills get back to the playoffs after a long hiatus Schobel hopes spending his entire career in Buffalo enhances his chances to achieve another aspiration.

"Hopefully one day I get my name on that wall," said Schobel. "That's my goal."

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