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Bills suddenly thin at offensive tackle

Already without holdout Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters, Buffalo's offensive tackle position became drastically thin Monday night when Patrick Estes and Matt Murphy went down with injuries in the span of five minutes.

Murphy appeared to suffer the more serious injury of the two as he was in obvious pain with a left shoulder injury. Estes meanwhile suffered a left leg injury as athletic trainers were checking his knee.

"It was a disappointing night in that regard," said head coach Dick Jauron.

Buffalo now has just three healthy offensive tackles left in training camp in Langston Walker, Kirk Chambers and seventh-round pick Demetrius Bell.

When asked how he'd describe his team's current depth at the position Jauron gave an honest answer.

"Not much. There's not much depth right now," said Jauron. "We'd like to be real deep unfortunately it seems like it works that way at times where you just get hit in a spot. Right now it looks like that's the spot so we'll keep working through it and see what happens."

Murphy was taken to a local Rochester hospital for x-rays and an MRI to determine the exact nature of his shoulder injury.

With Buffalo's next preseason game coming up Thursday, Jauron admitted that you want numbers at the offensive tackle position particularly in the preseason, but the Bills do not have that luxury at the moment.

"We wished we were deeper, but right now we're not," he said. "You only really need two (tackles), but you'd like to have a whole bunch of them for a preseason game. But you can get through the game with two and if you ever got down to one you'd do something to get by there too."

Buffalo's head coach said in light of the evening's injuries at the position they may have to make a roster move to refortify the position.

"I'm sure we will talk about it," said Jauron. "It just depends on what happens and the reports we get back."

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