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Bills Tickets Still Most Affordable In The League

The Buffalo Bills released their ticket prices for 2007 and they are once again the most competitively priced in the NFL. The best tickets in the stadium (lower level sideline center) will cost $60 a game for season ticket holders.

Bills Executive Vice President of Business Operations Russ Brandon said their concentration when determining the price levels for the upcoming season was on the season ticket holder.

"The main fact is that we remain the least expensive ticket on average in the National Football League at an average of 46 dollars," Brandon said. "Our focus remains on the season ticket holder, and they will continue to receive significant savings over the individual game ticket prices including the right to buy additional tickets prior to the general public."

When comparing Buffalo's season ticket prices to that of the rest of the league, the Bills average season ticket price is more than 25 percent less than the NFL average of a year ago.

"In the areas that went up in price it was a function of where we stood in the NFL," said Brandon. "For example our increase for the lower level sidelines is a function of being 30-35 dollars below the league average in 2006 for those seats. We still offer the most affordable lower level sideline seat in the NFL."

The 2006 NFL average for sideline season tickets was $88.09, nearly $30 more than what the Bills will charge in 2007. And the NFL average does not include Personal Seat Licenses (PSLs) which some teams charge for the right to buy the seats.

While there are some price increases for 2007, there has not been an across the board bump for all stadium seating. In fact season tickets in the Rockpile section are not increasing at all. They will remain $27 per game.

For the first time the lower level sideline seats have been split into two separate price levels. The lower level sideline seats which are further from midfield (the ends) will have a season ticket that will be six dollars cheaper ($54 per game) than the center section.

There are also some benefits for the individual ticket buyer and those who sit in the non-premium seating areas.

"There are 12 season ticket price points in the non-premium areas and nine of those price points have remained flat or at an increase of less than three dollars," said Brandon.

Scoreboard end zone seats are increasing just a dollar ($45 to $46) and upper deck corner seats are actually decreasing from $44 to $42 a game for individual game ticket buyers.

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