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Bills trying to shake off latest defeat

The Bills like many NFL teams have a 24-hour rule after both wins and losses. Come Monday night after a Sunday game the victory or loss is forgotten and put behind them. Some losses are easier to forget than others and after their 38-10 defeat at the hands of Miami, there were still some bitter feelings in Buffalo?s locker room Monday afternoon.

When asked where his emotions were in comparison to Sunday evening right after the game, Kyle Williams said his mood was unchanged.

?Same place,? he said. ?I wouldn?t say upset. I?d say more embarrassed than anything in the way that we played. It is what it is and we have to learn from it. We have to get better. We have to prepare ourselves better.?

?I would say a little angry, a little on edge,? said Keith Ellison when asked about the mood of the team. ?Nobody likes to get beat like we did Sunday so I would say we?re a little angry and that?s a good thing.?

More than a few players felt that their play was lacking passion and intensity.

?It seemed like we were a little flat,? said Williams. ?We started off well and didn?t sustain it and obviously we didn?t finish. I don?t think passion or people wanting to play and wanting to win is a problem. For whatever reason it wasn?t there through the whole game Sunday and I think your play starts with your preparation and we have to do a better job.?

?I know late in that fourth quarter I definitely got relaxed and just didn?t focus on the things I was doing the first three and a half quarters,? said Jonathan Scott.

The Bills know that has to change and quickly if they?re to have any hope of reversing their current run of play.

?It?s tough right now just being a day removed from that game,? said Ellison. ?But we?ve got get over this quick and get ready for Cleveland coming in this week.?

?We?ve got to play the Browns on Sunday and they beat us here last year,? said Williams. ?They haven?t won a game so obviously we?re going to get their best shot and we have to win the game so when we come in on Wednesday it?s going to be all about the Browns.?

Head coach Dick Jauron doesn?t deny that the team?s confidence has probably taken a hit as is usually the case when wins are hard to come by.

?When you lose it?s hard to keep confident,? he said. ?So we?ve got to get back to winning games and focus on this game and go out and give everything we have to win it. It?s a tough deal when you lose a football game and when you lose a couple in a row it gets tougher.?

But the players maintain their confidence is intact and that this Sunday?s performance will look much different than what was witnessed in Miami this past weekend.

?Everybody has to look at themselves individually to see what they can do to get better and do what they can to help this team win,? said Ellison. ?We?re all at fault for what happened Sunday. We?ll correct it and get ready for this week and have a much better showing on Sunday.?

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