Bills vets work to settle roster upheaval


The last three days have brought about some sizable upheaval to the Bills roster. Cuts, a signing, a trade and more injured players have all led to a host of personnel changes just under two weeks before the season opener. Buffalo's veterans, who have seen their share of adversity with the club are working to steady things in the locker room.

Marrone: "I would view this situation as adversity. We're seeing a lot from the coaches and players in how we deal with it" — Buffalo Bills (@buffalobills) August 26, 2013

"It's a little whirlwind right now and that's part of our business and we have to be able to adjust to that," said Fred Jackson. "I think the guys that are coming in are doing a tremendous job to try to pick up things so they can get out there as fast as possible. The guys that are here are making adjustments and that's all we can do and if we continue to do that I think we'll be fine."

Bills linebacker Bryan Scott, who is entering his seventh season with Buffalo, knows hardship all too well, but has faith in those players that must fill the void at cornerback and quarterback respectively.

"I've seen a lot of adversity come through Buffalo and guys went down and we need guys to step up," said Scott. "It's still early and I know we lost Gilmore for almost half the season, but I know our young corners are itching and ready to get out there and are ready to play. I believe in them and their talent and what they bring to the table.

"The quarterback position is the same thing. Rash of injuries, we bring in new guys and hopefully they come in here, buy into the system and feed off of our energy and see what we're trying to get accomplished and help us with that."

Scott also pointed to head coach Doug Marrone's message about how adversity at some point or another will strike their team. Buffalo's sideline boss emphasized that what's more important than the adversity itself is how they weather it as a team.

"One of the great things that coach Marrone has talked about when he first got here was the season is a lot like writing a book. There are going to be multiple chapters and some chapters are not going to be pleasant to write, but in order to get through the book and get to the end you have to write and deal with it," said Scott. "This is one of those chapters in our book."

"If someone has an injury someone has to go in and be able to play and be ready to go," said Marrone.
"I would definitely view this situation as adversity so it's interesting to see to me because I think true character does come out whether it's management, coaches, players to see how we're dealing with it. Now you don't like to deal with it, but it is what it is.

"We're seeing a lot from the coaches and the players of how we deal with this type of adversity and right now it's been good. We went out there and really had a good practice (Monday), but now it will be interesting when we start going into the season and the first week of how players view it."

According to Scott the players in Buffalo's locker room are set to handle it.

"Ultimately, we've bought into that mindset that the culture here has changed. We inside the locker room we see it, we feel it, we're living it. Now we have to exude that mindset and let the fans and public see that. This is one step in part of that chapter and we have to fight through it."

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