Brian Moorman Blog - 8/19

I have been slacking the last week with this blog. I apologize. Truth is, I have had a horrible case of writers block. I saw the trainers about it, but they really had never seen anything like it before. So I dunked my head in the ice tub to see if that would kick start me. No such luck. Now all I hear is water splashing around in my head from what went in my ear, and my concentration is worse. So here I sit, staring at the computer screen again, trying to think what has happened the last week and a half here at camp.

Of course, none of that is true. Well, aside from me slacking anyway. What can I say? The days start to run together a little here at camp, and time gets away from me. Kind of like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. It is nice that the games have started though.

Speaking of the games, I have a little catching up to do. It seems like a month ago that we played the Redskins. Honestly, there's not much to report from that week, it's old news, and being as we just got back from Toronto, I'm sure you'd rather hear what I have to say about that. That and I think my brain would explode if I sat here and tried to remember any details about two games ago. So there you have it. I'm all caught up.

The Toronto trip was interesting. I hadn't bussed to a game since my days back at Pittsburg State. Although it was a little uncomfortable since I had to double up with Langston Walker. Those seats are not that big, so we got to know each other really well.

Not true again. We had our own seats. Could you imagine riding two hours on a bus with a man his size? Or any of our offensive line for that matter. Those are some big boys.

The ride wasn't too bad. We got hung up at the border for about 30 minutes or so on the way in to Canada, but on the way back it didn't take long at all. The craziness started when we got to the hotel. It was my first experience with Paparazzi type photographers. They were trying to get any shot they could and their flashes were going as fast as you see them go with the stars.

Of course there I am, the only guy that brought a pillow with him. I thought it would be a good idea for the ride back to have something to lean against so I could sleep. Problem was, that I couldn't leave it on the bus. So here are all of these photographers trying to get pictures of the big bad football players, and there I was with my pillow like it was some security blanket. That really bodes well for kickers.

In my defense, numerous guys said on the way home they wished they would have thought to bring their pillow for the bus ride. I wish they had too.

The trip itself was a lot like an away game. So at away games, once we get to the hotel, we usually have some time to relax a little before dinner and meetings. That's why I try to get to the room before Lindell does so I get first crack at the TV remote. It's almost torture to put two guys in the same room, when only one can channel surf. We've been roommates long enough now that I think we have a pretty good feel for when the other one is about ready to go into convulsions for the lack of having the remote.

It wasn't always that way though. A few years ago I was flipping through channels when the World Series was on. He just couldn't comprehend how I could watch anything else other than the World Series. (I don't watch baseball on TV, and to be honest I had no idea the game was on.) To his credit, he quietly left the room and proceeded to watch the game down the hall. He did, however, question my patriotism and told the guys in the other room I was a communist.

That's what I like to call a Rianism. The funny things that come out of his mouth can be priceless.

For example: Rian, DJ (Fitzpatrick), and I were doing some pull-ups in the weight room last Wednesday when Chris Kelsay came up. He told us he's jealous cause we can do pull-ups and he can't. (I didn't believe him for a second, have you ever stood next to that guy?) He went on to tell us in grade school he was one of the kids that could barely do one pull up, and he was never able to get that Presidential Fitness Certificate. So I said, "And look at where you are now." Lindell's response to that? He pumps his fist into the air, wrinkles up his face and says, "Take that Reagan!!!" ….

Some are not what he says but what he does. I walked in the training room last week only to see him in the ice tub. He says to me in a sly voice, "Hey Moorman, thanks for letting me borrow your shorts."

I'm sure you're wondering why that is so funny. Let's just say Rian likes to make sure the cold water gets up to his hip flexors and doesn't wear any tights underneath. Needless to say, he has a new pair of shorts.

The best part was when he asked me the next day, with a completely straight face, if I would mind if he borrowed my other pair.

I could go on and on, but I am getting sidetracked. Back to Toronto.

After a couple of hours of each of us flipping through the channels about three times we had our usual team meetings. Then we were off to a pep rally put together for us down at Dundas Square.

That is a pretty cool area. Almost like a small version of Times Square in NYC. I've always been told that Toronto is similar to the city, but I didn't realize it was that similar. It would be nice to have some time to explore a little more.

Anyway. I happened to be the first guy off the bus to head up and go to the stage. I was quickly stopped by one of the promoters of the event who said "Excuse me sir, you can't go…oh are you one of the players?" I wish I could say that was the first time that has ever happened to me, but unfortunately it's not.

I was hoping none of the guys heard, but oh yeah, I definitely took some heat for that one. And it only got better from there too.

Practically one of the first people I saw had my jersey on. He was on the way up to the stage, so I thought I would give him a high five on my way by. I'm pretty sure he was on the same page as the promoter though as he had this look on his face like "Who is this weird dude that just gave me a high five?" O for 2.

The real embarrassing moment for me came as I was getting back on the bus to leave and two security guards grabbed me, pushed me up against the building, and cuffed me because they thought I was a fan trying to get on the team bus.

OK, that part didn't really happen. But I was keeping my eyes out for anything with the luck I was having.

Overall, it was a cool event and fun to see the support we had.

After that, everything was pretty much normal. Except, I did have a funny experience with the guy making waffles at breakfast the next morning. The fresh waffles are pretty popular with the players on road trips, and even though I don't apparently look like a player, I do like waffles.

So I went up to the waffle station and it just so happened the guy was taking a fresh waffle off of the iron. He put part of it on my plate and the batter just started oozing out of it. I politely told him that part wasn't quite finished thinking he would take it, with a utensil, and put it back in for a minute or so. Instead, he grabs another piece off of the iron with his hand, sticks his finger inside the waffle (with no gloves on), and says, "This one is done." and goes to put it on my plate…..I opted for the pancakes.

Ok, now after that, I think everything was normal for me.

The game itself was what you would expect. Four quarters, with a break between the second and third…

I'm just kidding, it was fun. It was a good atmosphere and it was different to have a roof over our head for a home game. The roof was actually open for our walk through practice in the morning and for pre game. It is really cool when it's open and the CN tower is looming over it. Don't get me wrong though, in December I don't need any good views, I hope it's closed.

Before I close this one out, I have to comment on the Olympics at least once. Mainly because one of my teammates had an issue with the fact that Phelps could win 8 medals in swimming. I, on the other hand, could not disagree with him more. I think what Phelps did was nothing short of amazing, and I was on the edge my seat watching that last relay on Sunday night. Pair that up with the 1/100th of a second victory before that, and WOW. He deserves every one of those medals, and to be crowned one of the greatest athletes of all time.

And I can't finish without at least one comment on the 100m being a track guy myself. Double WOW. I did not expect that at all. Usain Bolt blew the field away like never before. We may never see an Olympic 100m like that ever again. I can't wait to see him in the 200.

Ok, now that's it for now. So much for writer's block, I just realized this was about three pages long. Maybe the ice bath does work.

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