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Brooks Brothers Best Dressed at Tennessee


It doesn't always have to be a suit! Feeling good about what you're in is always the most important part of any wardrobe. This week our winner of the Brooks Brothers best dressed exemplifies this creed. Steve Johnson, or Stevie J as we like to call him, is the most ecclectic and risk taking dresser on our team. While there were plenty of well dressed Bills on this trip including Paul Posluzny, Justin Jenkins, Drayton Florence, and Bryan Scott just to name a few - I decided Stevie's risk deserved the reward. His outfit speaks for itself, however the one point I will stress is that each and every week Steve makes a point of putting a piece of his own taste and flavor into what he wears. If you can be yourself and pull off some style in the process you'll always look your best.

Fittingly today I'm proving that Brooks Brothers doesn't just stand for great suits. A vest from a Brooks Brothers three piece suit and a Brooks Brothers slim fit dress shirt paired with jeans can be a dressy alternative if you're not in the mood for a full suit.


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