Buddy Nix comments on Tuesday transactions

GM Buddy Nix

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Opening statement:

Another hard day. We cut Brian Moorman this afternoon. It is always a tough decision. Especially a guy like Brian who has been here for 12 years, had a great career with the Bills and has been kind of a staple for this organization. A lot of community service—he and his wife, they do a lot of good things. That makes it tougher, but it was a decision we felt like we needed to make. I have told you this a hundred times, we try to look, all the time, at every possible way to upgrade. We try to look at more than just this week in trying to upgrade and get a little better at each position. I have said this before that no position is exempt.

On what led to P Brian Moorman being released:

It goes back to trying to upgrade at the position and looking down the road. That is basically it. I would not get into specifics, but with us we evaluate everything every day, especially every week after a game. We do that and we look at things and say 'Well, we can get better here.' That is what we try to do.

On what he saw from P Shawn Powell in training camp and what he expects going forward:

The upside is really good on this guy. He is a big man, which I think helps punters. He's got good height and he is a 240-pounder. He's got a very strong leg and tremendous hang time. The guy is Florida State's all-time leading punter. We really liked him. In fact, we even considered drafting him late last year. The upside is really good on the guy.

On if it was a close call of making the move around cut time:

At the time, we thought we made the right move and today we think we did. Again, no reflection on Brian. He has done a great job here. We are just moving on.

On what he said to Moorman:

Brian did most of the talking. Very congenial with the having been here, thankful for the chance and the years he spent with the Bills. He handled it really well and that is never easy.

On if there was anything else behind Moorman's release other than performance:

Not to my knowledge. If there was, I might tell you that I am not going to tell you. But if I knew I would tell you. But I do not, so I have not heard anything like that.

On if Powell will be handling the holding duties:

That is up to Chan (Gailey). You can ask him that tomorrow.

On Moorman's contract being guaranteed weighing into the decision: That does not weigh into my decision. I read that all the time. I hear about the money and all of that, but again we look at the bottom line. And it is not the money. It's production.

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