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Byrd now in holding pattern

A day after visiting a specialist to check up on his sports-hernia surgery performed in the summer, Jairus Byrd was watching his teammates practice on Tuesday. The rookie free safety didn't reveal a whole lot with respect to his doctor's visit in Philadelphia, but did say his current condition has him in wait and see mode.

"It went pretty good," said Byrd. "I'll know more as the week goes by and what he did and how it helped out."

Byrd chose not to elaborate on what exactly the specialist did in terms of examining how his surgical procedure is holding up while also assessing his current groin injury, which forced him from last Sunday's game against Houston.

He did, however, admit that the two conditions are related.

"It's a little bit all the same and connected," Byrd said. "Just getting out there, the wear and tear, doing things, so we'll see."

Bills head coach Dick Jauron mentioned Monday that Byrd has been dealing with some discomfort in the area where the sports hernia surgery was performed for some time. Byrd said it has been nagging him for a couple of weeks. So the checkup was done in an effort to pinpoint the issue.

"They've kind of said that sometimes you get scar tissue build up in there," Byrd said. "For what he did when I went to go see him we'll know more about how I react and what's going on with the pain and stuff like that in the next week or so. I won't go into detail, he did something and we'll see how it goes next week with how it reacts."

To see how it reacts next week Byrd would presumably have to practice or test it with trainers in some kind of physical work or on field workout. 

When asked if he could miss any games as a result of the nagging condition or the groin injury Byrd is hopeful that he won't.

"I wouldn't go that far," he said. "Next week we'll know more."

Knowing he has to sit and wait, Byrd is thankful he has the time to do so during the team's bye week saying it came at the right time.

"I'm just excited we have a bye week so I can try to get healthy and get back on track," said Byrd. "We'll get it right."

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